Cedar Point to debut new coaster

Ryan Haidet

Aerial renderings of the new Cedar Point rollercoaster “The Maverick.” The two-minute, 30 second ride promises riders speeds up to 70 miles per hour at a 95 degree angle. The ride marks the 17th for the park, the largest amount for any amusement park in

Credit: Jason Hall

Cedar Point will soon unleash the 17th member of its roller coaster family – Maverick, a $21 million investment.

The official announcement came last Thursday.

“Located in Frontiertown, Maverick will treat riders to multiple terrain-hugging elements that have never been experienced on a Cedar Point roller coaster,” a Cedar Point press release said.

Maverick stands in place of where the former log ride, White Water Landing, once called home.

Beginning opening day 2007 Maverick’s bright red track will take thrill seekers on a 4,450-foot adventure along the Lake Erie shoreline in Sandusky. Although the first drop height isn’t a record breaking one, at 105 feet tall it does have an element to make riders scream for more – a 95-degree angle drop. The drop makes it even steeper than Top Thrill Dragster, which has roller coaster rider falling at a 90-degree angle.

“Maverick represents a new brand of roller coaster,” said John Hildebrandt, vice president and manager of the park, in a press release. “It is only right that it be built at the Roller Coaster Capital of the World – Cedar Point.”

The ride is said to take wild twists and turns that get as close as five feet away from the ground along with many other elements.

“Throughout the two-minute, 30-second ride, passengers will also experience eight ‘airtime-filled hills,’ three inversions and a second launch through a dark tunnel that will leave them in awe as they reach speeds of 70 mph,” the press release said.

Just when it seems the ride is over and the train has come to a 5 mph crawl, riders approach a 400-foot tunnel in which accelerates them to the maximum speed in seconds and blast out like a tumbleweed into the finale of the ride.

Fans have been following the construction of the ride since White Water Landing was demolished last year. Cedar Point, of course, kept teasing guests with hints or phrases on their Web site that created lots of Internet buzz.

With the announcement, roller coaster fans seem to be eager and ready to catch a ride on Maverick.

“As a coaster enthusiast, I can’t wait to ride Maverick,” Carole Sanderson, president of American Coaster Enthusiasts, said in the press release. “I believe Maverick will delight its riders with many surprising elements, including its compact layout and staggered launches.”

Riders must be at least 48 inches tall to ride.

When the park opens next May for its 137th season, Maverick will let loose for all those looking for a ride.

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Track Length: 4,450 feet

Lift Height: 105 feet

Angle of Lift Hill: 20 degrees

Vertical Drop: 100 feet

Angle of Descent: 95 degrees

Time: Approx. 2 minutes, 30 seconds

Speed of First Drop: Approx. 57 mph

Speed of Second Launch: Approx. 70 mph

Capacity: Approx. 1,200 riders per hour


• Six 12-passenger trains

• Three cars, with four seats per car, per train

• Tiered seating on the coaster’s cars for better viewing (similar to stadium seating)

Source: www.cedarpoint.com