Art studios to change over break

Jennifer Zemanek

The textile and graduate painting studios will move from the Art Building and Franklin Hall to Lake and Olson halls during spring break.

Janice Lessman-Moss, art professor whose studio will be moving, said the construction on the Lake and Olson halls’ studio space is on schedule, and she is anticipating the move March 20 during the university’s spring break.

The textile studios in Franklin Hall are moving out to prepare for the arrival of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication to the hall in the future. This opens an opportunity for the School of Art.

“With the spaces moving closer to the Art Building, it provides a sense of connection,” Lessman-Moss said. “We can develop more of an art community.”

The spaces used for the different programs in the School of Art were not conducive for students to combine media easily, Lessman-Moss said. There will now be more potential for students.

“With the programs closer together, the interdepartmental communications will be better,” junior crafts major Cody Thomaselli said. “The students will be given more opportunities in the college.”

As the studios move into the different spaces and the programs become more visible, the community becomes centralized and stronger, Lessman-Moss said.

The new studio location near the Art Building is not the only benefit. Lessman-Moss said while the new studio’s actual size is not much bigger than her current classroom, the configuration in the new space is more open.

The studio space needs to hold about 45 looms, five computer looms and enough surface work space for weaving and print, Lessman-Moss said.

The space configuration in Franklin Hall for the textile studio is in five separate rooms, three of them creating a L-shaped space.

Lessman-Moss said the layout of the Lake and Olson studio will be more conducive for working.

The students are excited about the move, Lessman-Moss said. There is more potential for the students and more opportunity for discovery, for not only the students, but the School of Art as well.

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