Fire alarm goes off as Future Flash Day begins on campus

Morgan Kelly Reporter

Attendees said the fire drill lasted anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. They had to exit the building and wait for the fire department to arrive. This was a minor hiccup in the day, most found it comical and were impressed by how quickly the fire department arrived. 

Students and parents attended the event to tour the campus and learn more about the students’ future college and major. 

Future Flash Day is more informative compared to the daily campus tours offered throughout the year. 

This event is “designed to help students make up their mind (and give them) whatever they need to help (them) make their decision,” said Aaron Berger, assistant director of admissions. 

There was a mix of in-state students and out-of-state students who attend Future Flash Day. 

During the event, there was a booth where high school seniors commit to attending Kent State in the fall. The ringing of a cow bell and cheers from the tour guides echoed through the student center. 

Every spring semester, these days are offered to accepted students to give them the opportunity to get deeper into Kent State. There are eight total Future Flash Days this semester. 

A group of four seniors from Wadsworth High School all plan to study business at Kent State and they all committed at the event. 

Zachary Kidd was the first to mention applying to Kent State and the three friends, Rachel Kellner, Ethan Hitch and Ben Beebe followed suit. All four plan to live on campus next year. 

Beebe has family members who came to Kent, according to his mom Anna Hartman, which made her think her son would like it here.  

Kevin Tucker came into the event committed to Kent State as a business major. When asked if he was considering other schools Kevin’s mother, Lisa Tucker, said her son already committed to Kent State.

Tucker and his parents enjoyed the campus and felt that it is safe and well-maintained.

One of the differences between the daily campus tours and Future Flashes Day is the tours given on Future Flash Day are more individualized. 

“I looked at what I wanted to look at,” said Tucker, he also got to have a better look at the business program here at Kent. 

Emmie Ferguson wants to study musical theatre and has her last audition here at Kent State on Saturday. 

Ferguson applied to 23 colleges, including Belmont University and Wright State. Kent is one of Ferguson’s top choices now. She was very impressed with Kent and with the program.

Ferguson and her mom Sandi said when they were touring the college of music building, professors were welcoming them into their classrooms instead of peeking in through a window.  

“Not many schools do a break down of major,” Sandi Ferguson said. “You don’t know any more about the school after leaving the audition.” 

The other schools the Fergusons visited for auditions didn’t give as much information as they received at Kent today. 

There was an overall theme with the future Flashes and their families. They all thought highly of Kent and were happy with campus. Families left with a lot of information and a personal experience. 

Morgan Kelly is a recruitment and retention and EHHS reporter. Contact her at [email protected].