New club offers opportunities for pre-law students

Taylor Peach Reporter

Kent State welcomed Phi Alpha Delta to campus in the fall 2019 semester. The academic fraternity is part of an international law fraternity. 

Introducing the first law fraternity on campus creates new opportunities for KSU law students. 

“Networking is everything,” said junior paralegal studies major and president of Phi Alpha Delta Katelyn Campisi. 

Students who join Phi Alpha Delta during undergraduate years begin as pre-law students and gain professional development experience along the way.

Pre-law students have an organization that allows them to connect with professionals, network and build a resume. Having this opportunity maps out the different roles within the justice system. 

The new fraternity also enables members to help one another. 

“This helps you and then you’ll meet people who are like-minded like you and have the same goals and passions and inspirations,” Campisi said. 

Phi Alpha Delta strives to set each member up for success, while helping the Kent State community.  

“We basically prepare everyone for law school,” Campisi said .

The fraternity actively looks to establish fundraisers in order to be active volunteers within the community. 

Applications to be in the organization are still being sent in.

“They just have to get in contact with me and I can send them an application,” Campisi said.

Taylor Peach is a student affairs reporter. Contact her at [email protected]