Off-campus wireless internet security on par with university

Dylan Bowers Reporter

If not in class or on campus, Kent State students spend their free time surfing the web, browsing social media, streaming TV shows and movies, all while running the risk of their security being breached on the internet provided by their living complexes.

One would assume that off-campus internet might be more prone to being compromised, but it is actually secure enough to the point where the normal user should not have any issues.

Kate Page, a community assistant and resident at Campus Pointe, has not seen any issues involving wireless security.

“Most residents register their devices with the Wi-Fi that needs a username and password, but some use the guest one that’s open,” Page said.

Campus Pointe, who has wireless internet provided by Pavlov Media, has users register their devices with the apartment’s locked wireless network.

Students feel their online safety using a wireless connection varies from user to user.

Trey Schleifstein, a sophomore business major and current Campus Pointe resident, has yet to see any real threats to his security.

“My devices are all logged in to Pavlov Media, so I would say that probably has something to do with it,” Schleifstein said.

Schleifstein also acknowledged that everyone has a different experience when it boils down to their safety online, with students more likely to stream content on a Smart TV or computer.

“I think it would mostly depend on what people are doing on the internet that would then have the potential to cause harm,” Schleifstein said.

Other off-campus housing, like Eagles Landing Apartments, have similar standards and experiences when it comes to dealing with security on their Wi-Fi.

Chris Miller, a property manager at Eagles Landing Apartments, has also not seen any issues regarding the security of the wireless internet his complex provides.

“As of right now, we know there haven’t been any security issues, at least brought to our attention, but I know that Spectrum is the provider from a standpoint of security and preventative security as well,” Miller said.

Miller echoed the notion that security is in the hands of those behind the keyboard.

“I think a lot of times we’re not aware of it; it’s just something we’ve clicked on and that’s opened up another realm allowing us to be attacked from a security standpoint,” Miller said.

John Brucker, a sophomore business major and current resident of Eagles Landing, has dealt with suspicious activity that resembled a security breach in the past, with slower speeds and pop-ups.

“Resetting my apartment’s router usually will resolve the issue,” Brucker said.

Wi-Fi security, like many other things, can vary from apartment to apartment. With potential liability issues at hand, off-campus housing properties take preventative measures on their end to ensure that Kent State students’ safety on their wireless internet is not compromised.

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