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Federal judge questions controversial Texas immigration law amid court battle

Ashley Killough, CNN February 15, 2024

CNN -- A federal judge on Thursday expressed concern and skepticism over a controversial law that makes entering Texas illegally a state crime while hearing oral arguments over...

Russia and Ukraine exchange air attacks after sinking of Russian warship

Rob Picheta, Olga Voitovych, Seb Shukla, CNN February 15, 2024

CNN -- Russia and Ukraine exchanged air attacks on Thursday, with Moscow targeting cities across Ukraine and Kyiv striking the Russian border city of Belgorod, one day after Kyiv...

Talks on a Gaza deal are at an impasse. Here’s what we know

CNN -- Talks on a hostage and ceasefire deal for Gaza appear to be at an impasse. Israel’s top-level delegation has returned from Cairo, and there has been no word from Hamas...

What we know: Children are among those wounded in shooting following parade for Super Bowl champions

CNN Staff, CNN February 14, 2024

CNN -- A community that came together to celebrate a dramatic Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory on Sunday is now recovering from a shooting that wounded dozens of people, including children. At...

US has new intelligence on Russian nuclear capabilities in space

CNN -- The US has new intelligence on Russian military capabilities related to its efforts to deploy a nuclear anti-satellite system in space, according to multiple sources familiar...

2 men arrested after 4 people are killed in a string of ‘random’ shootings in Los Angeles County

CNN -- Two men have been arrested in connection with a string of shootings over a few hours this week that left four people dead, including a minor, in southeast Los Angeles County,...

Uber, Lyft and Deliveroo workers in US and UK plan Valentine’s Day strike

Anna Cooban, CNN February 14, 2024

CNN -- Thousands of drivers for ride hailing services and food delivery riders in the United States and United Kingdom are planning to strike on Valentine’s Day in disputes over...

He was a hero on Alaska Air 1282. Now he’s picketing for ‘livable’ wage

Chris Isidore, CNN February 13, 2024

CNN -- Steve Maller, a flight attendant for nearly 20 years, was one of the flight attendants on the Alaska Airlines flight 1282 when a door plug blew out. With the plane at...

Rare case of human plague identified in Oregon, likely spread by pet cat, health officials say

Jacqueline Howard, Mira Cheng, CNN February 13, 2024

CNN -- A person in Deschutes County, Oregon, has been diagnosed with a case of bubonic plague, making them the state’s first confirmed case of this rare bacterial infection...

‘We were walking in water, sand, mud’: Palestinian women describe terror of 12-mile escape on foot from Gaza City

Abeer Salman, Mohammad Al Sawalhi, CNN February 13, 2024

CNN -- After being trapped in a building for more than a week in a neighborhood of Gaza City besieged by Israeli troops, a group of Palestinian women told...

Two or three times a week, Elmira takes a bus into Kharkiv city center to her school, nestled in a tunnel of a subway station

‘We won’t hear the bangs’: Ukrainian city moves schools into metro stations

CNN —  It was a special day for Elmira Dergousova when Russian tanks rolled across the border into Ukraine: her fifth birthday. A plastic crown perched on her head, she blew the candles out on...

James Crumbley has pleaded not guilty to four counts of involuntary manslaughter

What the conviction of the Michigan school shooter’s mother means for the father’s upcoming trial

By Eric Levenson, CNN February 12, 2024

CNN- The conviction of Jennifer Crumbley has potential implications for gun-owning parents everywhere. None more so than for her husband, James Crumbley. Jennifer Crumbley was found guilty Tuesday of...

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