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Supreme Court to decide Trump immunity claim, further delaying election subversion trial

John Fritze, CNN February 28, 2024

CNN -- The Supreme Court agreed Wednesday to decide whether Donald Trump may claim immunity in special counsel Jack Smith’s election subversion case, adding another explosive appeal...

Idaho stops execution of death row inmate Thomas Creech after officials can’t set an IV line

Paradise Afshar and Dakin Andone, CNN February 28, 2024

CNN -- Officials in Idaho on Wednesday halted the execution of death row inmate Thomas Creech after they were unable to set an intravenous line to carry out a lethal injection,...

Alabama is reeling from a state court’s decision that frozen embryos are human beings. Here’s what could happen next

Lauren Mascarenhas, CNN February 28, 2024

CNN -- The Alabama Supreme Court this month ruled that frozen embryos are human beings and those who destroy them can be held liable for wrongful death, sending the state’s fertility...

Biden tries out a new line of attack on Trump: The former president’s age

Michael Williams, Arlette Saenz, CNN February 27, 2024

CNN--President Joe Biden on Monday pointedly explored a new line of attack against his once-and-likely-future opponent Donald Trump, mocking Trump’s age as Biden tries to turn the tables...

Biden meets with top Hill leaders as partial government shutdown looms

CNN--The meeting President Joe Biden held with four top congressional leaders at the White House on Tuesday was “one of the most intense I’ve ever encountered,” Senate Majority...

Australian police find bodies in search for missing couple

Alex Stambaugh, Manveena Suri, CNN February 27, 2024

CNN--Australian police have found two bodies in the search for a missing couple allegedly killed by a police officer. New South Wales Senior Constable Beaumont Lamarre-Condon,...

Takeaways from the Supreme Court’s arguments on Texas and Florida’s social media laws and the First Amendment

The Supreme Court expressed skepticism Monday about state laws in Texas and Florida designed to stop social media giants from throttling conservative views but also suggested that whatever decision emerges...

The train traveled without a driver for around an hour and a half.

Runaway train in India travels more than 40 miles without driver

Aishwarya S. Iyer and Manveena Suri, CNN February 26, 2024

A runaway freight train in northern India traveled nearly 45 miles without a driver on Sunday, reaching speeds of up to 46 miles per hour, before it was brought to a stop, according to railway officials. The...

The United States Supreme Court building is seen as in Washington, U.S., October 4, 2023.

Supreme Court hears landmark cases that could upend what we see on social media

Brian Fung, CNN February 26, 2024

The US Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments Monday in two cases that could dramatically reshape social media, weighing whether states such as Texas and Florida should have the power to control what...

NRA found liable in corruption case as jury says longtime leader Wayne LaPierre should repay $4.3 million

Sabrina Souza, Emma Tucker, CNN February 23, 2024

CNN -- A jury in a lawsuit brought by the New York Attorney General’s Office against the National Rifle Association found Friday that the gun rights group mismanaged charitable funds when it failed to...

Sinking ship hit by Houthi missile leaves 18-mile oil slick in Red Sea, US officials say

CNN -- A cargo ship that was struck by a Houthi ballistic missile on Monday has created an 18-mile long oil slick in the Red Sea as it continues to take on water, two US officials...

A nursing student found dead after jogging on the University of Georgia campus has been identified

Rebekah Riess, Caroll Alvarado, Holly Yan, CNN February 23, 2024

CNN -- The body of a woman found dead Thursday on the University of Georgia campus has been identified as 22-year-old Laken Hope Riley, the Athens-Clarke County coroner told...

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