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Ashley Rutkoski, an anthropology graduate student, poses Wednesday, March 13, 2019, with the first pot she made for her thesis experiment. Rutkoski made more than 30 pots for her experiment, but only broke the ones that were the most identical so it would not skew the data.

Graduate student conducts clay pot experiment that may help future archaeology digs

Rachel Karas March 16, 2019

The time and effort put into a thesis can cause a sense of dread for some graduate students, but when Ashley Rutkoski began her master’s degree, all she thought about was clay pots.Rutkoski came to Kent...

Forensic minor provides hands-on experience for students

Carrie Whalen March 12, 2019

Kat Flood, a senior anthropology major, applied for the forensic anthropology minor the day it became available in 2017.“Originally I started with the minor in hopes to learn different things and get...

Scott Rainey

OPINION: Masculine Misconceptions: Positive masculine role models

Scott Rainey October 23, 2018

Last week, I wrote about the misconceptions surrounding toxic masculinity, insecurity and Kanye West. Now, I want to focus on the other aspects of masculinity: the positive, mature masculine ideal and...

Anthropology professor Linda Spurlock helps bring names to victims in her down time

Amber Selfridge February 26, 2018

Linda Spurlock is a professor in the department of Anthropology on the weekdays, but in her down time, she does work that takes her mind out of textbooks and into the medical examiner’s office.Spurlock...

New forensics classes in works

Aaron Corpora February 22, 2015

For the first time in Kent State’s history, a group of professors in the anthropology department are working to establish at least three new forensics courses for Spring 2016.The team, lead by assistant...

Photo courtesy of Kent State University.

KSU professor’s dual career shines light on forensics field

Aaron Corpora February 20, 2015

From traveling the world to helping solve crimes, Linda Spurlock has had quite the resume.Not only does she teach courses in biological anthropology, forensic anthropology and archaeology — a career...

Evgenia Fotiou

Anthropology Department welcomes new faculty members

Alyssa Schmitt November 3, 2014

Two new faculty members are taking their knowledge from past experiences to broaden the information students can receive at Kent State.Evgenia Fotiou, a cultural anthropologist, and Anthony Tosi, a biological...

Professor to give insight on the Pacific Islands

Alyssa Schmitt October 21, 2014

Professor of Anthropology Rick Feinberg, will be giving a presentation titled “Introducing Pacific Islanders” Oct. 22 at noon in the Oscar Ritchie Hall Conference Room 127.“People here are unfamiliar...

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