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Kent Wired

Kent State University school of theater and dance students prepare for the upcoming production of the musical Freaky Friday which runs Feb. 25- Mar. 6. 

Kent to stage production of ‘Freaky Friday’

Brianna Phillips Reporter February 8, 2022

Kent students are bringing live theater back on campus later this month with a musical production based on the popular novel and Disney movie, “Freaky Friday.” Directed by Eric van Baars, School...

Slave Play Cover

Review: “Slave Play” by Jeremy O. Harris

Reegan Saunders Assigning Editor February 6, 2022

“Slave Play” by Jeremy O. Harris is jarring, graphic and uncomfortable to read, but it is the kind of story everyone needs to hear. Critics had a field day with this play. There are those who think...

Kent States DI Hub where Art Without Limits was scheduled to be.

Art Without Limits moves to virtual platform following winter weather conditions

Benjamin Weaver Reporter February 3, 2022

The massive snow storm hitting campus has caused The College of the Arts’ art entrepreneurs panel to be fully virtual Feb 4. Art Without Limits was originally taking place in the DI Hub from 9 a.m....

OPINION: After Halloween, another consideration

E. Timothy Moore, Emeritus Professor Guest Columnist October 28, 2019

In America, Halloween celebrations have always involved children going door to door in neighborhoods asking the words “trick or treat” while wearing costumes of ghosts, goblins, monsters, witches,...

Halloween Costumes (A Mag)

Ten easy Halloween costumes you can find in your closet

Emily Adorno October 23, 2019

As Kent Halloween approaches, if you’re still stuck deciding what to dress up as, gathering pieces from your closet to make a costume may be the easiest and most budget friendly idea.Here are 10 costume...

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