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Kent State freshmen boys’ dating advice then (1931) and now

Zoe Finley, Reporter February 3, 2023

Freshmen boys enter a new dating pool when they arrive at college for the first time. Some may go on their first date. Others may consider themselves seasoned professionals. This is not a new phenomenon. A...

Being in the friend-zone can affect mental health in the long term, said graduate student Molly Chapman.

Students navigate the mental health effects of the friend-zone

Jennifer Lasik reporter March 29, 2021

The term “friend-zone” is used in situations where one person in the friendship wants to be in a romantic relationship and the other does not reciprocate those feelings. Just being friends can hurt...

Dating violence up, robberies down in campus safety report

Sexual violence is on the rise at Kent State, according to the 2019 Kent campus annual security report on 2018 statistics. Fifteen rapes were reported on the Kent campus, up from 11 in 2017 but down from...

8 common signs of an unhealthy relationship

Kody Elsayed February 27, 2019

57 percent of college students find it difficult to identify dating abuse according to a study conducted by Although all unhealthy relationships may not be considered dating abuse,...

Adriona Murphy

OPINION: Stumbling through love in college

Adriona Murphy October 13, 2018

I fall in love in five minutes. A sweet smile, a laugh, a lingering look, and I am head over heels for someone.I’ll develop these crushes and jokingly say how in love I am with them to friends. It’s...

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Sliding into DMs: Dating apps switch up college relationships

Payton Moore April 12, 2017

Online dating. Social media. The chances of meeting someone online are high — and sliding into someone’s DMs could just mean you’re interested in dating. In a study by Pew Research in 2013, roughly...

Sam Karam

Opinion: My issue with Tinder

Samantha Karam November 11, 2015

Social media seems to be all anyone talks about, and rightly so. Apps are constantly evolving to give out information at a faster rate than before. With smartphones we have the whole world in our hands....

Caitlin Smith and Ronnie Exline met on Twitter in 2013. The couple just celebrated their two-year anniversary. 

Scroll, Swipe, Satisfied: Online dating enters the app world

Endya Watson September 7, 2015

From 2005 to present, the online dating scene has hit an all time high, one that Kent State students are in on themselves. The Pew Research Center reported in 2005 that 44 percent of people felt online...

Summer break(ups)

Heather Inglis April 28, 2015

With the stress of finals building, we all know what’s around the corner: Summer. Everyone will be heading home, back to their families and high school friends, to enjoy a well-deserved three months...

Navigating the player’s handbook – ‘Cause the players gonna play, play, play’

Heather Inglis April 21, 2015

Finding college romance can be quite a task. It seems as though some people can snag a boyfriend or girlfriend with no problem and claw at the chance of a college romance turned happily ever after.I am...

Michelle Flynn and Nina Kern react to a funny question during a speed dating event in the Kent State Student Center.


Mark Oprea and Ellen Turk February 10, 2015

Finding love in the age of fast romance He said:You have three minutes to fall for her. Okay, go.With unabashed simplicity and rose petals, Kent State hosted its first speed dating of the year, presumably...

Ask Mel: Guy Troubles

Melissa Puppo April 16, 2014

Dear Mel,    Lately I’ve been having guy troubles. Two guys have been on my mind.    The first one is the guy I’ve been crushing on since the beginning of the year. For a long time, I really...

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