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OPINION: Misunderstood? One-issue voters, misconceptions and what some of them may really care about

Ross McDonnell Opinion Writer March 26, 2021

As someone who, for lack of a better term, enjoys thinking about the relationship between social issues and the law a fair amount, I often found myself analyzing the curiosity that was one-issue (or “single-issue”)...

Gail Pavliga, member elect of the Ohio House of Representatives. She will represent Ohio House District 75.

Incoming Ohio state legislators talk about aid for universities

Bronwyn Wain Reporter December 14, 2020

For two incoming Ohio state legislators, an important task will be to address public universities and their financial well-being as they enter office in the middle of a pandemic.Rep. Gail Pavliga and Sen....

Amid controversy in Ohio, more young people oppose death penalty

Nicholas Hunter February 22, 2017

Opposition to the death penalty being used in murder cases is at its lowest since 1972, with 42 percent of respondents opposing it, a 2016 Pew Research poll has found.The poll also showed that younger...

Ohio delays all executions until 2017

The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction announced through a press release on Oct. 19 that the state of Ohio will not perform executions until January 2017. This is due to an inability to find...

John Fox, convicted of the murder of Justin Early, was sentenced to life in prison without parole in the Ravenna Courthouse Monday, Nov. 3, 2014.

Franklin Township murderer sentenced to life in prison

Madeleine Winer November 4, 2014

A Franklin Township man found guilty of murder was sentenced to life in prison without parole Tuesday despite a plea for the death penalty from the victim’s family.John Fox, 34, pled no contest and was...

Ryan McCarthy

Opinion: Execute the death penalty

Ryan McCarthy October 28, 2014

The death penalty is an institution that has always been part of society from the oldest legal code of Hammurabi to the United States today. Most Americans support its existence, but I feel this is more...

Top 10 news stories this school year

DKS Editors May 1, 2014

This school year, Kent State saw a new president, a polar vortex, an extended Esplanade, a gunshot incident, a wrestler’s controversial tweets and a secretive presidential search. Editors at the Daily...

News on the go: Feb. 19, 2013

Celia Fernandez February 18, 2014

Pharmacies across the country are cautious when it comes to selling drugs for use in executions, making death-penalty states look for alternative chemicals to use in lethal injections. The sale of these...

Franklin Township man’s murder trial set for August

Carrie Blazina January 27, 2014

A Franklin Township man who is charged in the killing of a missing Alliance man is set to have a pre-trial in July and a jury trial in August.John Fox, 34, who was indicted Thursday in the murder of Justin...

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