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Are dead trees a threat?

Los Angeles Times September 5, 2016

There are now 66 million dead trees in California's forests due to several years of drought and native bark beetles, creating a "catastrophic" wildfire threat—or so claims U.S. Secretary of Agriculture...

Guest Column: Climate change science is irrefutable: Deniers should be accountable

Tribune News Service April 19, 2016

Most of us recognize the value of science in dealing with complex problems that pose significant risks to public health and well-being.Thus we expect reputable science to be reported and used in helping...

Guest Column: Environmental sensitivity 101

Earth: The third planet from the sun. Filled with an abundance of life and covered by vast oceans. Also known as our home.However, she is in danger, and we are at fault.Climate change is real; it is happening...

Samantha Karam is a sophomore journalism major. Contact her at

Opinion: What they never warned you about vegetarianism

Samantha Karam April 6, 2016

Vegetarianism and veganism are gaining popularity in today’s day and age. People are becoming more aware of the foods they consume and where they come from.I’ve always talked about how much I love...

Earth sends more warnings about warming

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette January 26, 2016

Ignore those shivers over this week's single-digit temperatures. NASA and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration said Wednesday that 2015 was the hottest year in 136 years of record keeping.The...

Lucas Misera is a sophomore economics major and columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact him at

Opinion: Oil: Too Big to Fail

Lucas Misera January 18, 2016

In Porter Ranch, California, a natural gas leak is drastically affecting both Californians and the environment. Time ran an excellent piece on the potency of the leak, and the results are disturbing. The...

Opinion: Climate rules: Bad news for low-income families

Nicolas Loris The Heritage Foundation, guest column September 2, 2015

"We know that low-income, minority communities would be hardest hit."That's Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy speaking about the higher energy prices that would result from the...

Guest Column: EarthTalk: The point of no return

Staff writer April 22, 2015

Dear EarthTalk: What is the best way to measure how close we are to the dreaded “point of no return” with climate change? In other words, when do we think we will have gone too far?David Johnston,...

Guest column: Are electric cars greener? Depends on where you live

Los Angeles Times November 30, 2014

Long thought a thing of the future, electric cars are becoming mainstream. Sales in the United States of plug-in, electric vehicles nearly doubled last year. Credible forecasts see the number rising within...

Members of the Kent Environmental Right Group, including Bonny Esparza, Kathy Schuman and Lee Brooker, attend a community event for speaker Gwen Fischer of Concerned Citizen Ohio on Sept. 15, 2014 at the Kent Free Library.

What the frack?! Ballot issue divides activists, city leaders

Matthew Merchant September 24, 2014

Come November, the city of Kent and Kent State University could begin a drastic social and environmental change in two possible ways.The first, in the eyes of city law director James Silver, would involve...

Our View: The environmental dilemma

DKS Editors March 31, 2014

Recently, it seems we’re living inside an environmental geology textbook. It’s an age of natural catastrophes, from the freakishly unexpected to the humorously head-scratching to the seriously devastating,...

Rachel Godin is a junior journalism major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater.  Contact her at

Opinion: Keep an open mind to new environmental rules

Rachel Godin March 4, 2014

Perhaps Barack Obama’s opportunity to enact change as the nation’s leader is dwindling to a close is the motivating factor behind his moving forward on some necessary environmental regulation changes...

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