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Hamas responds to ceasefire proposal but accuses Israel of ‘stalling’

CNN--Hamas said Tuesday there could be no “exchange of prisoners” before a permanent ceasefire and a full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, as it responded to proposals from Egyptian...

Talks on a Gaza deal are at an impasse. Here’s what we know

CNN -- Talks on a hostage and ceasefire deal for Gaza appear to be at an impasse. Israel’s top-level delegation has returned from Cairo, and there has been no word from Hamas...

Netanyahu says Hamas’ demands on hostage and ceasefire deal are ‘delusional’

Abeer Salman, Ibrahim Dahman, Tim Lister, CNN February 8, 2024

CNN -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed Hamas’ proposals for a ceasefire and hostage deal in Gaza as “delusional,” in a setback to diplomatic efforts...

Letter to the Editor: Good versus evil, or when impressionable minds are manipulated to raise antisemitism

Barry Dunietz January 29, 2024

This letter is written in response to an opinion letter, written by Destiny Torres, which was published on KentWired on Dec. 11, 2023. John Spencer, a retired U.S. army officer expert on urban warfare,...

Three months on, Israel is entering a new phase of war. Is it still trying to ‘destroy’ Hamas?

Rob Picheta, CNN January 16, 2024

CNN -- Three months ago, speaking to citizens rocked by a horrific day of attacks by Hamas, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a promise. “The IDF will immediately use all its strength...

Desperate families of Israeli-American hostages plead with White House to get creative for loved ones’ release

MJ Lee, CNN December 7, 2023

CNN -- For some of the family members of the Israeli-Americans that Hamas is believed to have taken hostage, evenings can feel especially excruciating. Ruby Chen, whose 19-year-old reservist son Itay,...

How the truce between Israel and Hamas was extended another day – and why it could end soon

 A deal to extend a truce between Israel and Hamas into Thursday went down to the wire after Hamas declined for hours to produce a list of hostages that had 10 women and children on it – a condition...

Wartime unity between the US and Israel will soon face its toughest test

Stephen Collinson, CNN November 30, 2023

CNN -- Each day the pause in Israel’s war with Hamas is extended saves lives. A second extension of the truce, lasting one day, came into force early Thursday. But the lull in...

Israel assessing Hamas claim youngest hostage and family members are dead

CNN -- The Israel Defense Forces said Wednesday it was assessing a Hamas claim that the youngest Israeli hostage, 10-month-old Kfir Bibas, his brother and his mother are dead. The...

Who are the hostages released on Friday?

Tara John, Lauren Izso and Tamar Michaelis, CNN November 24, 2023

CNN -- The first group of hostages released by Hamas under a deal with Israel were safely returned on Friday, bringing to an end the first stage of the painstakingly negotiated...

Hostage deal announcement between Israel and Hamas could come as soon as Tuesday

Becky Anderson, MJ Lee and Alex Marquardt, CNN November 21, 2023

  CNN -- Israel, Hamas and the US are on the cusp of reaching a deal that could be announced as soon as Tuesday for Hamas to release 50 women and children hostages that the militant...

Students congregate for ceasefire protests, hoping for freedom, equality

Adriana Gasiewski, Staff Reporter November 20, 2023

Students gathered together on the Risman Plaza Tuesday to demand a ceasefire on the ongoing attacks in the Gaza Strip as a result of the Israel-Hamas War. Carmen Barghouty, president of the Arab Student...

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