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Megan Brown is a senior magazine journalism major and the opinion editor for The Kent Stater. Contact her at

Guest Columnist: There’s something happening here

Megan Brown December 4, 2014

When the Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict former police officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown was announced,  some Americans had had enough and protests took place. And to...

Ray Paoletta is a junior political science major and a columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact him at

Opinion: Violence is not the answer

Ray Paoletta December 1, 2014

Everybody has seen or heard about the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, and across the country, after a grand jury decided police officer Darren Wilson would not be charged in the shooting death of Michael...

Our view: Stop the hate

KS Editors November 30, 2014

Killed, injured, hurt, as well as protest, riot and rebels are words in headlines that have unfortunately been in the news more recently. Within the last week, people around the U.S. have taken to the...

St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch announces the grand jurys decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the Aug. 9 shooting death of Michael Brown on Monday, Nov. 24, 2014, at the Buzz Westfall Justice Center in Clayton, Mo. (Cristina Fletes-Boutte/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/TNS)

Riots break out in Ferguson after grand jury announces long-awaited verdict

Hannah Armenta November 25, 2014

A grand jury decided Monday night the police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, on Aug. 9 would not be indicted. After two days of deliberation, Darren Wilson,...

Black United Students stage silent protest against police brutality

Teahl Rice September 3, 2014

Kent State University’s Black United Students hosted a “die-in” demonstration to protest police brutality against African-American youth on Risman Plaza Wednesday.The students, representing...

Opinion: Black United Students’ thoughts on Ferguson

The ongoing situation in Ferguson, Missouri and concurrent deaths of black citizens at the hand of law enforcement prompts needed discussion and action. We believe emphasis should be placed on the fact...

Carley Hull is a senior magazine journalism major. Contact her at

Opinion: Racism’s not dead, but are we seeking it?

Carley Hull August 27, 2014

Unfortunately racism is far from over in America. With the recent shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri by white police officer Darren Wilson, tensions are high. Although...

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