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Professor Maletic was awarded with the Outstanding Research and Scholarship Award.

Kent State professor receives top research award, eye tracking and source code developments

Mateo Martin Reporter October 21, 2021

Professor Jonathan Maletic from the Department of Computer Science was awarded with the 2021 Faculty Outstanding Research and Scholarship Award for his findings in eye tracking and source code research.Maletic...

Masks for Hope delivers medical supplies to local hospitals during the first drop-off on April 1. 

Kent State students donate medical masks to local hospitals, connect with international suppliers

Jenna Borthwick, TV2 Reporter April 16, 2020

“The way I see it is that some of these masks could save lives,” said Irvin Cardenas, a robotics researcher and computer science Ph.D. student at Kent State University. As the number of coronavirus...

Professor Katherine Rawson, one of the lead researchers for the study habits grant, at her desk on Feb. 13, 2020. The study habits grant is from the National Science Foundation and will help Kent State professors improve students’ retention of material.

Kent State professors study optimization of student study habits with new web program

Anna Smith Reporter February 16, 2020

Kent State psychology professors are developing a web program to study long-term student retention of concepts with a $552,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.Lead investigators Katherine Rawson...

Navigating science, politics: a rocky relationship

Colleen Carroll Sciences reporter December 6, 2019

Science and politics, though they seem very separate subjects, have actually been an interconnected system that has recently seen more tension, causing dissent between the two communities. Gabriella Paar-Jakli,...

Professor receives research grant for liquid crystal study

Colleen Carroll September 5, 2019

Two liquid crystal studies conducted by a professor and a team of seven graduate students at Kent State University have been awarded a combined $990,000 in grants by the National Science Foundation. Liquid...

Professors Rick Ferdig, Cheng Chang Lu and Karl Kosko sit behind some of the technology that supports their project.

Over $1.4 million awarded to fund teacher training videos

Linden Miller September 2, 2019

A set of Kent State professors recently received a grant of $1.48 million to fund their innovative video project. Karl Kosko and Richard Ferdig, two of the professors who received the grant, teach at...

Kent State to receive $1.5 million grant for science research

McKenna Corson September 14, 2017

Kent State is set to receive $1.5 million in federal grant money that will go toward three science research projects. The majority of the grant money comes from the National Science Foundation. One...

Eindhoven University of Technology researcher Anne Hélène Gélébart shows the walking device. This small device, the size of a paperclip, is the world’s first machine to convert light directly into walking, simply using one fixed light source.

Polymer wiggles toward scientific discovery

Ray Padilla July 14, 2017

A Kent State professor helped research a new material that can propel itself forward with light.Robin Selinger, a chemical physics professor at the Liquid Crystal Institute, was among eight researchers...

Photo courest of Kent State University

Graduate research project receives grant from National Science Foundation

Andrew Keiper March 16, 2016

Dr. Heather Caldwell, an associate professor and graduate coordinator, who has lead the “Origins of Aggression” research project at Kent State with a team of students earned a $400,000 National Science...

Kent State researchers study viral messages

Gabrielle Woodard December 6, 2015

Imagine there is an earthquake in Kent. As normal college students, the first place a student goes to for more information is Twitter. But amongst all the tweets, the student is unable to find information...

Photo courtesy of Maxim Dzero

Kent State physics professor receives grant for research

Gabrielle Woodard October 29, 2015

Physics professor Maxim Dzero recently received a grant from the National Science Foundation to fund his research project titled, “Spins and Knots: The Rise of Topology in F-Orbital Materials.”The...

The Kent State Stark Science Building is nearly finished as of June 18, 2015. It covers 41,140 square-feet and is slated to open fall 2015.

Stark campus Sciences Building will incorporate green technology

Austin Bennett June 18, 2015

Kent State Stark’s Sciences Building will open this August and provide biology and nursing students with new opportunities for hands-on learning and research.The 41,140 square-foot building will support...

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