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Our View: Happy Halloween

Editorial Board October 27, 2019

The Kent Stater editors took shifts throughout the night Saturday to get a full picture of what people were experiencing in downtown Kent. The hour-long shifts started at 8 p.m. and went until 2 a.m.,...

Our View: The beauty of opinion

Editorial Staff May 3, 2017

For modern-day Kent State students, the primary purpose of May 4 is to ensure that the senseless deaths of Jeffrey Miller, Allison Krause, William Schroeder and Sandra Scheuer at the hands of the Ohio...

Our View: Election leaves students stunned, not shattered

November 9, 2016

The 2016 presidential election is over, but the residue of its final results Tuesday night lingers on campus.In perhaps the most surprising election in recent memory, Republican candidate Donald Trump...

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters at Cuyahoga Community College on Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

Our View: Clinton the clear choice

October 23, 2016

After months of reporting on each of the presidential nominees — ranging from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to Jill Stein and Gary Johnson — The Kent Stater editorial board unanimously agrees that...

Our View: Video highlights all-too-common conversation

October 18, 2016

Six days ago, a Youngstown man had to tell his 8-year-old son that the boy’s mother had died of a heroin overdose.The father, Brenden Bickerstaff-Clark, posted a video on YouTube of the heartbreaking...

0911 Heroin

Our View: An epidemic hitting close to home

September 11, 2016

Recently, the East Liverpool Police Department posted a picture on social media of a couple passed out in a car, from a heroin overdose with a 4-year-old child in the back seat. Most people have seen something...

Our View: 9/11 changes a generation, but it doesn’t change it all

The Kent Stater Editorial Staff September 7, 2016

As we approach 9/11, a sobering realization has complicated the remembrance of the deadliest attack on U.S. soil: this current cohort of college undergraduates bear little memory— if any— of that fateful...

Our View: Why the Climate Survey matters

April 5, 2016

Students received an email from Kent State President Beverly Warren in March, urging them to take the Kent State Climate Study: Assessment of Climate for Learning, Living, and Working. Unlike what some...

From the College Republicans: We want the best, not the loudest

The year 2016 has proven to be an exciting time for the race to the presidency so far, especially for the Republican Party. We've gone from seeing over a dozen Republican candidates on the stage, to now...

Our View: Trump troubling the GOP isn’t good for anyone

March 6, 2016

Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen numerous politicians criticize Republican candidate Donald Trump and his stance on national issues, as well as his general behavior inside and outside of his...

Our View: Humor and feeling in the Academy Awards

February 29, 2016

As the highly-anticipated 88th Academy Awards rolled around Sunday night, viewers looked forward to specific events, all unique to what they expected and didn’t expect from the ceremony.First, what was...

Our View: Anticipate specifics in Warren’s ideas

Editorial Staff November 22, 2015

President Beverly Warren delivered what she dubbed her first State of the University Address last Thursday, outlining the progress the university has made in the last year. The speech - listed in text...

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