Our View: Happy Halloween

Editorial Board

The Kent Stater editors took shifts throughout the night Saturday to get a full picture of what people were experiencing in downtown Kent. The hour-long shifts started at 8 p.m. and went until 2 a.m., with editors and photographers talking to various people filling the streets.

The rain was consistent with very few breaks, keeping many people off the streets early in the night. As the night progressed, the streets became more crowded as students, locals and visitors from out of town began to line up for the bars. 

Kent Halloween is a notorious tradition that continues each and every year. The Stater works hard to capture the night through snippets of interviews and photographs. We know it’s important to cover this event because of its significance to the Kent community. It’s a celebration for everyone who loves ghosts and scary stories and for those who want to dress extravagantly in homemade costumes. 

Kent Halloween is a time for everyone in the community to come out or stay in with friends. While it can be challenging to cover such a busy night, we worked hard to capture the spirit of the evening. The bright costumes show a different side to downtown Kent on this night, compared to normal weekends out. Even if Halloween isn’t your favorite holiday, Kent Halloween remains memorable every year. We want our readers to continue to stay safe as the real Halloween approaches this week and we hope you enjoy the spooky season.