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Puzzle pieces are scattered in the family-friendly area of the library after dedicated family study hours launched last week.

Campus resources provide support to parenting students

Savana Capp, Reporter January 28, 2023

The Center for Adult and Veteran Services (CAVS) offers programs to help thousands of parenting students find a community on campus. “Parenting students are historically an underserved population,...

Thought bubble

Communication is Key: Students rip off the band-aid with parental issues

Cassondra Siaus Reporter March 25, 2021

Entering college should be full of excitement — new friends, new life and new journeys await. Leaving home can mean gaining independence, but for some, it can mean stricter parents. Hospitality management...

Barbara and Curt Van Blarcum enjoy dinner at Ray’s Place in downtown Kent on Monday, April 18, 2016.

Best of Kent: Best Place to Take Your Parents

Benjamin VanHoose April 18, 2016

First Place: Ray’s PlaceFinding the right venue to take your parents to eat when they visit can be complicated. Luckily, Ray’s Place simplifies the search. With a design and feel so similarly attached...

Zachary Downes is a columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact him at

Opinion: Why your parents are right

Zachary Downes October 29, 2015

Many people move away to college. The minute they step foot on campus, there is a sense of liberation that every college student gets. Parent rules fly out the window and students start to figure out their...

Americans spending more for college out-of-pocket

The Northwest Signal September 8, 2015

The Bank of Mom and Dad is open for business, as parent out-of-pocket spending has become the number one source of college funding. In fact, 62 percent of families did not borrow to pay for college last...

Opinion: Homesickness is normal

Carlyle Addy September 7, 2015

If you’re like most college students, freshmen in particular, you’re probably missing your parents right now. The student groups, classes, parties and new friends might be distracting you, but they’re...

Jeff Markgraf prepares a couple of quiches at Ray’s Place in Downtown Kent on Tuesday, April 7, 2015. Ray’s Place was voted the best place to take your parents in Kent.

Best Place to Take Your Parents: Ray’s Place

Jamie Brian April 7, 2015

Ray’s PlaceSince it opened in 1937, Ray’s Place has become synonymous with Kent and is a must-stop attraction for visiting folks.“We have a lot of history,” Charlie Thomas, Ray’s Place owner,...

Guest Column: Parents have had enough of testing regimen

Lindsey and Mark Meili March 11, 2015

Governor Kasich:The parents of Ohio have had enough. We have had enough because we are sick and tired of our children being over-tested, of teachers spending hours and days teaching our children to a test...

Zachary Downes

Opinion: Self-reliability is key

Zachary Downes February 10, 2015

Some people go through life feeling like things should be or just are handed to them. That mentality really needs to stop. This is one major thing I have noticed with our generation. Everyone feels entitled...

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