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Valentine’s Day Zine Stories

KentWired Illustration by Hannah Saadey


Click the links below to read stories from our Valentine’s Day Zine edition of The Kent Stater.


The dates that started it all

Amanda Forester, sophomore nursing major

Forester has been with Nate, her boyfriend, for seven and a half years. The true day of their first date remains a bit debatable. 

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The one where they went on bad first dates

Kara, junior nursing major

The one where the guy made the date into a whole workout.

“I met this dude on Tinder, and him and I had talked for a few days,” she said. “Then we decided to hangout, and he said we could just walk around campus.”

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KentWired Illustration by Lillie Leasure

Love made them sports fans

Adam Nowicki, accessibility specialist with Student Accessibility Services

Growing up, Nowicki was not interested in sports.

“I was more interested in video games, TV, movies, and other stuff,” Nowicki said.

Then in 2018, a couple of months into his relationship with his now fiancé, he went to Winking Lizard Tavern in Avon, Ohio, to watch the Steelers-Browns game. His fiancé is a big Steelers fan.

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Hot take: Valentine’s Day is overrated

Erykah Lofton, library and information science graduate student

Lofton is very open about their distaste for Valentine’s Day. They see Valentine’s Day as a performative holiday where people in relationships have to prove their love through consumption. 

“I see it as a way to put pressure on people’s romantic relationships at the time to make people prove that there’s love or whatever it is by having people go out and spend money,” they said.

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KentWired Illustration by Cari Stonis

My first kiss went a little like this…

Marci Ingram, sophomore communication studies major

After eating all her fries, they went to the trampoline in her backyard because the weather was excellent, he said. 

“We jumped on her trampoline then lied down on it under her tree and looked each other in the eyes — and boom just like magic, we kissed,” Marci said.

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That first love is unforgettable

Anastasia fell in love for the first time at 16 years old while working behind the scenes in her school’s theater department.

Now a senior in college, Anastasis still thinks about him from time to time. 

“I don’t think I really want to date again unless they treat me the way he did,” she said.

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KentWired Illustration by Cari Stonis

How breaking up with my boyfriend made me realize he’s actually the love of my life

One of my biggest regrets happened just a few short months ago. Now, I know I’m not special when I say I’m scared of commitment and the future that lies ahead of me. However, I let my fear get the best of me. 

In September, I was going on 11 months with my boyfriend. He was my first serious relationship, and he was everything I pictured and more. I had never experienced this type of love before, and it scared me. Boohoo, I know, I know.

How silly was I to be scared of someone who had so much love to give to me? 

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Sex is the answer to your problems

It’s on my mind when I’m sitting in law class at 12:30 p.m. on a Monday. And when I’m dancing at Barflyy on a Saturday night. It’s on my mind when I’ve been in the barren wasteland that is my hometown for too long, and I start to think, “Do I miss Kent?”

No. I’m just missing my favorite coping mechanism. 

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The Great Date Experiment

Even though I enjoy my dating life, I sometimes wonder if I’m missing out. There must be a reason people look down on dating apps. Maybe other avenues of meeting people are better, and once I go on a date with someone that’s not from an app, I’ll agree.

This thought prompted “The Great Date Experiment.”

I went on three first dates with people I met in three different ways: someone from a dating app I typically don’t use, someone I met in person and someone a friend set me up with. I wanted to find out if other ways of meeting people are truly more successful than matching on an app.

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Valentine’s Day 2023 Edition

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, but what is in store for you this season of love? Take a look at your Venus sign to find out…

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KentWired Illustration by Lillie Leasure
You are loved
by Hannah Saadey
Finding love on campus
by Lillie Leasure