My first kiss went a little like this…

Alexandra Golden, Campus Editor

Marci Ingram, sophomore communication studies major

Marci’s first kiss was straight out of a Netflix romantic drama. He and his ex-girlfriend spent the day together, and he did eat all of her French fries at dinner. 

After eating all her fries, they went to the trampoline in her backyard because the weather was excellent, he said. 

“We jumped on her trampoline then lied down on it under her tree and looked each other in the eyes — and boom just like magic, we kissed,” Marci said. 

Celia Martin, senior visual communication design major 

Celia and her girlfriend have been together for almost three years. Their first kiss happened on their first in-person date to the Cleveland Art Museum in July 2020. 

While at the museum, it was awkward — until Celia stumbled on her wedges and had to grab onto her girlfriend to keep her from falling. After this, all the tension was gone. 

After walking through the museum, the two went back to Celia’s car, where they sat and listened to music.  

Her girlfriend asked if she wanted to kiss her, and the rest is history.

But, after their first kiss, they were met with unexpected guests. 

“I look woke up after I stop kissing them and there’s a family just walking by in front [of the car],” Celia said. 

Emma Lentz, senior visual communication design major 

Emma had her first kiss the summer going into her freshman year of high school.

“It was my summer fling romance, very innocent, very middle school, but I wouldn’t change it,” Emma said.

The summer fling was staying with Emma’s neighbors for the summer. 

Neither Emma nor her fling had their first kiss yet, so they planned to have it in her garage. But they had an unexpected visitor. 

“My dad heard the garage door open and came out to check on me while I was having my first kiss with this boy,” Emma said. “So my dad not only witnessed my first kiss, but I had a very awkward interaction with the guy who it was with.”

Niko Magda, sophomore bio pre-med major

Niko was 16 when he started dating a girl his friends had set him up with. 

The night Niko had his first kiss, his girlfriend was having a sleepover in a neighborhood by his. 

It was around midnight to 1 a.m. when she texted him that she was near him and wanted to see him.

“As soon as she said I’ll give you a kiss if you see me, I was like, ‘You know what? Done deal, I’m sneaking out,’” Niko said.

So, Niko hopped his fence and met his girlfriend in the neighborhood. 

“I gave her a hug and looked in her eyes, held her and I gave her a kiss,” Niko said. 

Staff story: Cassidy Gladieux, senior journalism major

Cassidy was 15 when she had her kiss after a football game. 

Since she was 15, she was not able to drive, but she and a few of her friends got a ride back from an older guy. One of sis friends was in the back of the car. 

The friend in the back ended up being Cassidy’s first kiss, after he flirted with her all night.

“We were in the backseat, and the music was kind of loud, and he whispered in my ear, he was like, ‘Can I kiss you?’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God, yes,’” Cassidy said.

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