SMC creates emergency fund for students

Terry Lee III

The Student Multicultural Center (SMC) has created an emergency fund accessible to all students during the fall semester.

Those eligible for the fund include students, faculty and staff of the university, as well as community members.

The SMC started the fund for its 50th year celebration in 2018. This year the funding has continued although the number of people giving to the fund is unknown.

Donations will be continuously accepted for the emergency fund since there is no limit to the amount of emergencies a student can experience. The SMC plans to host more fundraising events in the future. 

Students can request access to the emergency fund by filling out an application. Talea Drummer-Ferrell, director of the Student Multicultural Center, said that students will also be encouraged to share a story to that, “tugs at your heart strings,” to give more insight into the student’s situation and need.

Drummer-Ferrell explained that some of the emergencies could include, but would not be limited to, “living expenses, students experiencing loss, or recent dramatic change in a student’s life.” These situations are the reasons the emergency fund was started to help alleviate the stress on students.

Everyone needs help at some point and Drummer-Ferrell noticed students in need of assistance very early in her role as director of the SMC. 

“I have been working here for three years and it became clear to me that the emergency fund was necessary within my first two weeks here,” Drummer-Ferrell said.

As of Sept. 1, 2019, no one has applied for or received any part of the fund.

Donations can range from ten dollars to hundreds of dollars. Those interested in donating to the emergency fund can do so by going to the SMC’s website.

“I know that we will never have enough to support everyone who comes to us,” Drummer-Ferrell said. “But the things that students overcome just to stay here and graduate is empowering.”

Terry Lee is a diversity reporter. Contact him at [email protected].