Hillel Jewish Center hosts open house, continuation of Shabbat

The Hillel Jewish Center created a space for people to indulge in their faith and gather with friends Saturday on Homecoming weekend.

Attendees of the open house were welcomed by Rabbi Michael Ross who was leading a Torah reading. People were invited to join in the reading or politely listen. Rabbi Michael described the events as, “a Bible reading followed by brunch.”

The Homecoming event was a continuation of the Shabbat hosted at the Hillel Jewish Center the night before. Those interested in Shabbat can attend the next on Oct. 4.

For some, this would be their first time attending the Homecoming event, including assistant director of the Hillel Jewish Center, Ethan Krasnow. 

Krasnow explained, “we have this event every Homecoming, but the Shabbat happens every Sabbath.”

The event also had alternative purposes other than acknowledging Sabbath.

“(The event) will also have people from fraternities looking for new people to join them,” Krasnow said.

People at the event had the choice of many different types of bagels and toppings for brunch. As well as fruit, cookies, coffee and orange juice.

Dylan Stein, a senior finance major, is also one of the many who regularly attend the Shabbats. 

“It is a great way to reconnect with friends,” he said. 

People came and went as they pleased, but no one left without seeing familiar faces or a bagel. 

Noah Appel, a sophomore exploratory major, said, “I come here to meet new people and see friends. Kent State has a great Jewish community.”

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