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University celebrates the birthday of its mascot: Flash

Annemarie Karabinus
Flash cheering on the gymnastics team from the stands on January 29, 2023

Flash turned 38 today!

Flash has been the mascot of the university since 1985 and has been an enthusiastic member of campus ever since. Flash can often be seen around campus hanging out with students and at several school events, such as football games.

T.J. Roward, a marketing assistant with the athletics department, spoke on the history of Flash and how he came to be the university’s mascot.

“The way he was introduced was during a football game,” Roward said. “There was a very large, six-foot-tall egg that was created and Flash hatched out of the egg.”

Roward also spoke on the impact Flash has on not only the students and faculty of the university, but also the city of Kent.

“Flash is just the ultimate Kent State fan slash ambassador,” Roward said. “We consider Flash to be like the face of not only Kent State athletics but also Kent State as a whole. Flash appears not just at Kent State Games, but for a lot of community events, both on campus and off campus. He’s always one of the first faces that you meet when you’re on campus. And always, you know, one of your best friends that you can go and say hi to when you’re at a game or any event. And he just embodies what it means to be a golden flash.”

Sage Mason, a senior public relations major, spoke on her favorite memories she’s had with Flash while being a student.

Flash takes a trip to the Kent State student section at their first football game against Central Connecticut State on Sept. 16, 2023. (Yasmeen Matthews)

“One of my favorite things when Flash is just randomly on campus, just kind of standing there hanging out,” Mason said. “I love to go take pictures with him and send it to my parents because they think it’s so funny when he’s just randomly on campus or on the K, just really not doing anything just hanging out.”

Mason also had her own birthday message for Flash on his special day. 

“Happy birthday Flash,” Mason said. “Thanks for bringing positivity to our campus and supporting everything that happens at Kent.”

Kevin Werner, a senior communication studies major, shared what he loves most about Flash from his time at the university. 

“Back at the beginning, I think it was just really interesting to see like how intense the admiration for Flash and our sports teams are. Just how excited everybody gets when Flash is there at the events and games.”

Werner also had a birthday message from the point of view of a senior for Flash. 

“Happy Birthday,” Werner said. “I love seeing all that fun stuff on campus. [I’m] sad but excited to be almost done, but [I’ll] always remember you.” 

Happy Birthday, Flash!

Lex Ogilvie is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].

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