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Fashion students offer inspiration for Halloween costumes

Jacob Jones
Fashion design student Jacob Jones poses in his spy costume with a friend on Halloween in 2022.

With Halloween rolling in, students are planning their costumes for the upcoming holiday weekend. For fashion students, Halloween allows them to get creative and showcase what they’ve learned in their programs.

Sophomore fashion design student Jacob Jones said Halloween is the best holiday for self-expression. 

“Ultimately, Halloween costumes will really translate into who you are as a person,” he said. “I think it’s the best time for really anybody to express themselves.” 

Fashion merchandising major Frigillana Gómez said she thinks Halloween allows all students to be as creative as they want.

“I think that Halloween is the holiday for fashion students to go off because there are no barriers of how creative you can get,” she said. “Not only that, we see how serious celebrities take it and fashion students eat it up.”

Jones suggested people aim for a costume that can be recognizable or fit their personality.  

Last year, Jones crafted a spy look, using a simple white shirt and black pants, straight from his closet. 

For last-minute costumes, Jones suggested students shop at thrift stores like Goodwill for their pieces. 

“I always tell people to thrift,” he said. “I think it’s the best way to get pieces that are so individual that you never see again. But it’s also a sustainable thing to do.” 

Gómez recommended focusing on color-block outfits, where multiple colors are stacked in blocks, when preparing a last-minute costume, as well as shopping at stores like Party City, Spirit Halloween, Halloween Express and Fashion Nova. 

“I recommend, if people don’t have money for new outfits, to look at the color selection in your closet and style a character based on colors they have.” Gómez said. 

Gómez also suggested people find an “iconic” outfit from a specific time or music video. An outfit worn by musician Selena Quintanilla inspired one costume she created.

“Last year, I dressed up as Selena – her purple look is an iconic look,” she said. “That was my most creative costume because it wasn’t over the top. It was the importance to me dressing up as Selena that mattered because I love her.”

Jones said building a costume allows students to use their fashion design skills outside of the classroom.

“Some people make their own Halloween costumes every year and sew their own costumes,” he said. “It overlaps your skills that you build to ultimately execute your vision.”

Kelsie Horner is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].

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