H2O Church hosts second annual Mission Impossible Night

Sara Al Harthi

H2O Church hosted its second annual Mission Impossible Night on Monday in front of the MACC. The event, which was themed around the movie “National Treasure,” was a combination of a scavenger hunt and a puzzle with simple rules, said Events Organizer Lauren Woolum. 

“We are sending teams in all different directions, and they have to find clues along the way,” Woolum said. “And once they find the first one, it takes them to the next location, and there’s a new clue there that takes to the next location. Once they gather all the clues, there’s an end task that they have to complete in order to win.”

“The event had a cash prize this year to go along with the “National Treasure” theme. The purpose of the event was for people to meet and make friends in a fun way,” she said.

“We’re a student organization on campus and we also happen to be a church that meets on campus.” Woolum said. “And our goal at the beginning of every school year is to meet as many people as possible and get them connected to our community and start friendships. This Mission Impossible was born out of that desire.”

Woolum said the church was expecting 72 people participate and 75 showed up. 

“This is exactly what we’re hoping for,” she said. 

Sara Al Harthi is a general assignment reporter. Contact her at [email protected].