Where to get your news on campus



TV2 is Kent State’s award-winning television station that strives to fully cover Portage County. From local news and sports to entertainment news and important social issues in the region, TV2 makes coverage of Kent State and Portage County its primary focus. 

For more information on TV2, please contact General Manager Clay O’Neal, at [email protected].


The Kent Stater 

The Kent Stater is an award-winning student-run newspaper on-campus. Reaching more than 9,500 people per issue, The Stater keeps the community updated with campus, local and national news, sports and features. It publishes on Monday and Thursday and has a circulation of 6,000 each day. 

For more information on The Stater and KentWired, please contact Madison MacArthur at [email protected].



KentWired.com is the shared website of two Student Media partners, The Kent Stater and TV2 KSU. The site features breaking news, entertainment, community and campus news, sports and video. KentWired stays updated on news, focusing on Kent and Kent State University. With thousands unique visitors per month, KentWired is a top news source in Kent and Portage County. 


If you’d like more information on TV2 please contact General Manager, Clay O’Neal at [email protected] or for information on The Stater please contact Madison MacArthur at [email protected]. For news tips, call (330) 672 – 2584 or email [email protected]

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