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Students reflect on living in an apartment for the first time

Kait Murray
Campus Pointe is located at 1841 Ashton Ln. in Kent.

After living in dorms for their first year of college, many incoming sophomores decided to move to an apartment. Now a few months into living off campus, these students have learned the pros and cons of apartment life. 

Audrey Angelucci, a sophomore criminology major, lives at Campus Pointe in Kent with three other roommates. She said adjusting to apartment life has been easy, and she likes having a room to herself. 

“It’s really nice because I feel like I have more freedom,” Angelucci said. “It’s nice to have more space, and I like having my own bedroom and bathroom.”

Although Angelucci likes apartment living, she said she still misses some aspects of being on campus. 

“I think one con of apartment living is that I’m not as involved on campus or go to as many events as I did last year since I’m not on campus,” Angelucci said. 

Some students said they moved to apartments in order to have their own room and more privacy.

Lauren Davis, a sophomore exercise science major, lives at University Edge and said her favorite part of apartment life is having her own room and walk-in closet. 

“I like the layout of my apartment,” Davis said. “I like that it’s open, and I love the way it looks and feels.” 

She said doing laundry is much easier in an apartment than in a dorm.

“In the dorms, doing laundry and making sure the washer and dryers were open was a process,” Davis said. “Here it’s nice because I live with three other people and usually we don’t interfere with each other.”

Other aspects of apartment living are unexpected and may be hard for students to adjust to, Davis said. 

“It’s hard to adjust to the fact that I have to cook for myself,” Davis said. “Cooking is tricky, and learning how to cook plus figuring out what to make every night is a little tough.” 

Emma Mills, a sophomore speech pathology major, is also living in an apartment for the first time, and she sees pros and cons of having to cook for herself. 

“You can make your own food if you don’t want to go to the dining hall,” Mills said. “On the other hand, cooking your own food and buying groceries isn’t as easy access as it is going to the dining hall.” 

Mills lives at University Oaks and said that although living in an apartment is much different than on campus, she likes apartment living better than dorm life. 

When talking to other students, Angelucci would encourage them to look for off-campus housing. 

“I’d tell them to do it,” Angelucci said. “It has been such a great experience and I love being able to live with my friends and hang out with them everyday when I get home from class.” 

Adrianna Quinlan is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected]

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Adrianna is a sophomore journalism major and a general assignment reporter. This is her first semester with Kent Wired. She is excited to write stories that are interesting and important to students. Adrianna is also a Morale Captain for KSU Flashathon and works with first-year students as a Peer Success Mentor.
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