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Students’ traditions bring out the holiday spirit

Courtesy of Chloe Kurian
Sophomore healthcare administration major Chloe Kurian and her family wear their holiday attire.

As the semester comes to an end, students will soon head home to partake in holiday festivities with friends and family, with many people sharing unique traditions that make celebrating the holidays special and memorable with loved ones.  

Megan Oberuch, a sophomore nursing major, said she kicks off the holiday season with one of her favorite traditions during Thanksgiving break.

“Watching ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’ on Thanksgiving is one big holiday tradition,” Oberuch said. “It was my grandma’s favorite Christmas movie – she would always put it on, and now we do it every year.” 

Oberuch said she is excited to take a break from school and see her friends from home during winter break. To her, having time with friends and family without worrying about schoolwork is important. 

Sophomore marketing major Nina Pilolli and her family pose for a holiday picture. (Courtesy of Nina Pilolli)

Nina Pilolli, a sophomore marketing major, said her traditions have changed as she has gotten older – but the old traditions are replaced by new ones. 

“This tradition has changed over the years as we have gotten older, but we would always go and put reindeer food out,” Pilolli said. “Now, we get ready for bed, go into our rooms, talk and drink eggnog before going to sleep.” 

Pilolli said her family has many holiday traditions including playing left, right, center, driving around to look at Christmas lights and wearing sweat suits on Christmas day. 

Chloe Kurian, a sophomore healthcare administration major, said she celebrates the holidays with a big family Christmas Eve party where they eat food and spend time together. 

“My dad reads all four of us kids, ‘The Night Before Christmas’, on Christmas Eve,” Kurian said. “It’s really cute and then my niece stays the night which is special.” 

Kurian said she looks forward to shopping during the holidays and for having home-cooked meals that are not dorm food. 

“Since I’m the pickiest eater out of my whole entire family, my family makes buffalo chicken dip at every single holiday event because they know it is something that I’ll eat,” Kurian said. “My grandma’s mac n’ cheese is the best mac n’ cheese ever, so I get really excited about that too.”

For many, food during the holidays is an integral part of holiday traditions.  

During Christmas Eve every year, Pilolli said her dad makes seven different types of fish for dinner, which is an Italian tradition. 

“It’s always fish, and I hate fish,” Pilolli said. “I look forward to sauerkraut balls though. We have them for Christmas Eve every year and they are the best things in the world.” 

Molly Aris, a sophomore fashion merchandising major, said she cooks food with her grandma during the holidays. For her, the food is a big part of the celebration. 

“We eat greek food and hang out,” Aris said. “We have enough food to feed like 40 people, like what you see in the movies is very real.” 

Aris said her favorite Greek food during the holidays is Vasilopita. The Vasilopita has a coin hidden inside it and whoever receives the coin gets good luck. 

“I’m excited to hangout with my siblings because they’re my best friends,” Aris said. “My sister lives in Europe, so it’s exciting for all four of us to be back together.” 

With only a few weeks left before winter break begins, Aris said she looks forward to coming home and celebrating the holidays with her loves one. 

“College is a big change for people, and it’s hard to go from living with your family to living alone,” Aris said. “It’s nice to go back to where you’re from and have the love and support of your family over the holiday season.” 

Adrianna Quinlan is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].

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