University buys house behind Franklin Hall, plans parking lot

Alex Johnson

Kent State bought a piece of property located at 308 S. Lincoln St. and demolished the house on the lot in spring to make room for a new parking area.

The lot, which was purchased from the estate’s legal executor, was sold for $200,000.

The transaction began when the owner of the property reached out to the University Board of Trustees to find out if it would be willing to buy the land.

“KSU was granted an option to purchase the property at 308 Lincoln Street in September, 2011,” Kent State Media Relations Director Eric Mansfield said. “The option was to be exercised within five years or when the seller vacated the premises, whichever occurred later.”

Though the university’s 10 year master plan for renovation highlights a new parking deck, university architect Michael Bruder said the new area is only intended to be a paved parking lot until Kent State acquires enough property.

“There are some strategic parcels we’re looking to get as they become available,” Bruder said. “In general, we respond to inquiries from the owners when they express an interest in selling.”

The university currently owns houses on 416 and 430 College Avenue, which Bruder said they will demolish eventually.

Mansfield said Kent State also purchased 224 S. Willow St. for $700,000, a house near the architecture building which will also presumably be torn down.

As of June 1, Bruder said there is no schedule for the construction of the parking lot on S. Lincoln.

Corrections have been made to clarify what was done to the property.

Alex Johnson is a reporter. Contact him at [email protected].