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Students prepare as final exams approach

Matthew Brown
Students cross the K through the falling snow on Nov. 28, 2023.

As the week of final exams approaches, beginning Monday, Dec. 11, students all across campus are getting prepared for their various tests and projects.

Jackson Hargett, a sophomore political science major, said his finals were causing him some stress.

“I’m pretty stressed,” Hargett said. “I’ve got a lot to do.”

Samantha Baskerville, a sophomore exercise science major, felt similarly about the stress of finals, ranking her stress level at around 6 or 7 out of ten. 

On the other hand, Lily Gaff, a freshman advertising major, said she was not overly stressed about finals.

“I only have one in person [final], so I got pretty lucky,” she said.

When it came to which final was causing the most stress for students, there were a variety of answers. 

Baskerville said her biology final was going to be the most stressful and Hargett said his physical geography final was causing him the most stress.

“My physical geography final,” Hargett said. “There is a lot of information, like a lot.”

Students are preparing for their various final exams and projects with study guides, Quizlet and flashcards.

“I’ve made study guides, and I’ve been studying a little bit every day,” Baskerville said. Gaff said reviewing past lectures is how she prepares. 

“I have been reading over the lectures that have been posted online and reviewing my notes,” she said.

Hargett said he mostly studies at the library when preparing for finals.

“Lot’s of time at the library,” Hargett said. “I just sit there and try to get stuff done, and hope that I do.”

After finals are done, students plan to relax and reward themselves in various ways. 

“I will go to Starbucks before and or after [my finals],” Gaff said. On the other hand, Baskerville said she plans to rest after her finals are completed.

“I’m just going to be lazy for like a week,” Baskerville said. “I don’t even care.”

When finals are completed, many students will head home for winter break. Hargett said going home is what he is looking forward to when finals are done. 

“When finals are done I get to go home,” Hargett said. “That’s the big reward.”

Olivia Montgomery is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected]

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