Helping college students destress for finals

Shaquiena Davis

Studying for finals? Well, here are some tips for you. Studies show that around this time of the semester, students are busy pulling all nighters and cramming in more information needed for their final exams.

According to a Cappex report, college “finals are more stressful and require more studying”, and most students wait until the last minute to study. So, the report also says studying the week before can really benefit these students.

Kent State’s bookstore manager, Nikki Dech says, “I feel like to get through finals, you almost have to have a focus on once this is over.”

In preparation for finals, some Kent State students share what their habits for studying are and how it has benefitted them.

“I usually go to the library to study, I usually handwrite all my notes out because I’m a visual person like a, I like to write and type out all my notes to my answers, I think that helps me study the best.” says student Emily Mulheisen.

Eliza-Jane Fogg says, “I really love being in an environment that’s kind of different from my regular routine because if I do homework in my room I feel like I’m just gonna want to watch tv or lay down, so I always go to the library or somewhere where I could really focus.”

Dech says the bookstore offers many resources to help students destress for finals whether it be grabbing a book to read, and attending their end of the year De-stress Fest which begins the Wednesday before finals week. If you’ve missed that event then there’s always other resources the bookstore provides.

So, what could students do to better prepare themselves for finals?

“Getting in the right headspace for sure, if you’re kind of stressed about other things other than school,” says Fogg.

As for more tips, the Cappex suggest the following: 

  1. Schedule study sessions and free time

  2. Check out campus programming

  3. Prioritize assignments

  4. Stick to your guns

  5. Changing your habits will leave you less prepared for your finals

Shaquiena Davis is a TV2 Correspondent and can be contacted at [email protected].