Kent State ranks among top 100 graduate education schools

Rachel Karas

The Kent State Graduate Education program was ranked 93rd in the 2020 edition of the U.S. News and World Report of the top 100 graduate education schools.

Kent State shares its spot with eight other schools, including the programs at Howard University, Texas Tech University and the University of Louisville.

Ranked 108th on last year’s report, Kent State has moved up over the years. For the 2018 rankings, Kent State was 104th and for the 2017 rankings it was 136th.

These rankings are based on Graduate Record Examination scores and the faculty of the program said Stephen Mitchell, the associate dean of Administrative Affairs and Graduate Education in the College of Education.

“The criteria are quite broad and quite varied. One of the main things that the ranking is based on is your rankings by other people,” Mitchell said. “So I think our faculty have done a good job of publishing their work in the type of journals that people (who) do the rankings would take note of.”

One of the other factors that increases ranking is the amount of funding that the program receives, and Kent State has increased its external funding since last year Mitchell said.

“It’s nice to be comfortably inside the top 100 and in the company of some good, well-reputed research institutions,” Mitchell said.

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