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REACTION: A cake-smashing, tear-shedding Week Two of The Bachelor

Canva illustration by Kelsie Horner

Airing on ABC Monday night, week two of The Bachelor certainly didn’t disappoint Bachelor Nation. Though filled with tears, drama and even some cake smashing, this week’s episode consisted of three personality-revealing dates.

Group Date #1

As Joey Graziadei, the bachelor, is hoping to find his future wife this season, it’s only appropriate that the first group date involved wedding dresses and a reception. The first group date invited a group of the girls to choose a wedding dress, and play the bride at a fake wedding reception. 

Side note, Joey in a suit? Whew. 

The first activity was a nice game of musical chairs to see who can sit closest to the groom. Evalin, a 29-year-old nanny from Texas, showed true dedication to the game, jumping over the table (in a wedding dress) and landing right on another girl’s lap. She didn’t earn a seat next to Joey, but she will be back for week three

The group date was an emotional one for Lauren, the older sister to Allison, who recently lost her father. After an emotional day, and more emotions in the nights to come, Lauren made the decision to leave the show, and her grand exit? Smashing what was supposed to be a red velvet cake right into the ground.

Although Lauren is no longer on the show, I will miss her amazing facial expressions. That girl has the eye roll down, no doubt.

The One on One Date

Daisy, the 25-year-old account executive from Minnesota (and my current top pick), was Joey’s first pick for a one-on-one date. 

Daisy and Joey spent the day at a music festival, where they bought matching hoodies and danced on stage during a Bahamas concert.

Turning more serious in the evening, Daisy chose to share some history about her health issues with Lyme Disease, and showed Joey her cochlear implant. To which in return, he showed compassion and comfort. 

The pair certainly hit it off, and I can only hope that we get to see more of them together.

Group Date #2

The second group date of the week consisted of “Bachelor Boot Camp,” giving the girls a chance to get down and dirty and a shot at some one-on-one time with the bachelor. 

The girls battled it out with paint-filled balloons during capture the flag. Edwina, a 25-year-old entrepreneur, earned herself the intimate evening and a rose with her girl-boss moves in the games. 

A catch up on the drama

This week’s drama was a little complicated, so bear with me.

Leading this week’s episode in the drama was Maria and Madina. After not getting her time with Joey, Madina, age 31 and the oldest girl in the house, chose to express her age insecurity to the group.

Sydney, a 28-year-old vintage store owner from Rhode Island, overheard Maria, age 29, discussing the conversation afterwards, and chose to share this information with Madina.

After being informed on what was shared with Madina, Maria confronted both Madina and Sydney, stating that she never invalidated Madina’s feelings. 

A classic girl drama scenario that we’ve all seen before.

Although Maria and Sydney worked things out, tension is clearly running high in the house. With all three women returning next week, things are sure to get heated (yay for us). 

Final Notes

  • Both Kelsey’s are still in the game, doing the name proud.
  • Maria may be involved in some drama, but the confidence in which she carries herself is impressive.
  • Joey has proved to be a very compassionate and comforting person. Handling a crying woman can be tough, but he made it look easy tonight. 
  • The dresses worn this week? Chefs kiss. 

Kelsie Horner is Assistant Managing Editor. Contact her at [email protected].

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