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REACTION: ‘I’m not the drama’: ‘The Bachelor’ week 3

Kelsie Horner

Bachelor Nation, buckle up, because week three was a roller coaster.

Group date No. 1: The Mrs. Right Pageant

The episode kicked off with the first group date of the week, a pageant show titled the “Mrs. Right Pageant.” Season one Golden Bachelor icons Kathy, Susan, April and Nancy joined the bachelor as judges, as the ladies competed in three competitions. 

Challenge number one was the lazy Sunday loungewear walk, where girls gave their best attempt at a cat walk in their creative comfy outfits. 

Kelsey A. won this competition in my heart, displaying decorative pajama pants with a tennis ball and racket on the butt.

Part two featured a steamy Q&A session from the golden girls. This featured questions such as “have you ever had to fake it?” Needless to say, I don’t recommend watching this with your mom.

The show wrapped up with a “talent show” where some girls got creative with their displays. 

Edwina sang an acapella of her own song for Joey, and Chrissa took an attempt at playing the trumpet. 

Others went for a more … interesting route.

Sydney, who has competed in real pageants before, led the crowd in some cheerleading chants, to which the crowd showed zero interest in. Sydney’s time on the show should have ended right here.

Somehow earning a rose, Lexi used the opportunity to show off her “kissing talents” and spend her stage time sharing germs with Joey. 

I’m going to have to stick with Maria on this one … Most girls stepped out of their comfort zone to showcase their talent. Lexi took the easy way out. 

The group date ended with a good ole fashion girl fight between Sydney and Maria, where Sydney earned herself the nickname “Missy Troublemaker.” Here at KentWired, we’re #TeamMaria.

The one-on-one

Jenn, a 25-year-old from Miami, Florida, earned herself an adventurous and romantic date with Joey. Heading to the beach, the pair took an attempt at surfing. 

Although they spent a good chunk of their one-on-one time locking lips, I don’t see a lot of chemistry between the two. 

She got herself a rose, and not much more.

Group date No. 2: “Bachelor Open”

The second group date of the episode featured a tennis tournament amongst the ladies. The girls paired up in spectacular costumes as they battled over tennis for Joey’s heart.

“Lobster and Butter” (Kelsey T. and Evalin) won the contest without a doubt. 

After the tournament, Joey spent some one-on-one time with each of the girls. By one-on-one time, I mean a lot of kissing. For goodness sake, I hope this man is disinfecting his mouth between women. 

Although Joey appeared to enjoy his time with the women, I only saw him smile with his teeth for Daisy (as he should).

The not-so-joyful pool party

Leading up to the rose ceremony, the ladies joined Joey for a pool party clearly sponsored by KFC. During this time, “Missy Troublemaker” certainly stirred the pot.

Sydney took the liberty of speaking to Joey about her drama with Maria, where she evidently lied and gave the story a bit of a “dramatic” twist. Below you can view her explanation of gaslighting, if you want some entertainment. 

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A post shared by Sydney Gordon (@syd_gord)

This resulted in Maria needing to explain herself to Joey, where he soon came to his senses and trusted Maria.

You’ll have to watch the episode if you want more, but its safe to say the pool party didn’t go as planned.

The Rose Ceremony

The ceremony went pretty much how I expected it to, with Starr, Evalin and Chrissa getting eliminated.

However, I would be lying if I said I was happy to see Sydney will be joining us again next week.

The Kelsey team survives once again, with Kelsey T. and Kelsey A. receiving roses. Kelsey A. is making her way up on my favorites. 

Next week’s episode will be a two-part show, airing on ABC on Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Kelsie Horner is assistant managing editor. Contact her at [email protected].

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