Architecture building houses several popular photo spots

Makenzie Hackbarth (left) and Becca Faber (right) posing for one of the many pictures taken at a popular photo spot inside the Center for Architecture and Environmental Design

Brittany Wilson

Light reflects off the windows and peers in upon the seemingly never-ending staircase within the Center for Architecture and Environmental Design. The entire building becomes illuminated on sunny, and even cloudy, days and makes for a picture-perfect backdrop for photos.

CAED is commonly called the architecture building and it is located on Kent’s front campus. The building features top to bottom windows which allows a great amount of light to penetrate and fill the building. From the modern lines, lighting and contrasting colors, the architecture building is a photographer’s dream.

Since its opening in October of 2016, the Center of Architecture and Environmental Design has been the backdrop for many students’ photographs.

Students commonly use the staircase located in the building to take photos for graduation, headshots or even just their Instagram. Because of the amount of lighting the curtain windows let in, the photos appear brighter.

Noelle Polk, a sophomore with her own photography business, uses the staircase for a few of her clients photos.

Polk said she chooses the staircase because it is modern, neutral and has amazing natural lighting.

Sororities often take photos to promote events on the same staircase where Polk photographs. Many of the pictures taken in this building get tagged on Instagram.

“There are a lot of other areas to explore in the building. The windows make it appealing,” said Carissa Eberhardt, a sophomore fashion design major.

Within the building, there are other staircases, one is lime green and also serves as a popular photo opportunity for those who explore more than just the main staircase.

Students, and professional photographer Dante Solitro, have all taken pictures in a studio room where white walls contrast red carpet and blackboards. The color contrast also makes for interesting photos.

“I think that when they were creating the designs for the building, they wanted to make it stand out from the others,” Eberhardt said.

Numerous CAED students have taken pictures within the building with their semester projects to showcase on Instagram.

Fashion students, even with the newly renovated Rockwell Hall, migrate to the CAED to take photos of their pieces.

The exterior of the building, with its neutral colors and clean lines, is also featured in many photos taken by students and photographers in the area.

Brittany Wilson covers arts and architecture. Contact her at [email protected].