Car accidents more likely to occur with warmer temperatures

Shaquiena Davis

Spring is here and with that more cars are on the road, but this also could lead to the risk of more accidents. 

Road crash statistics says nearly one point five-million people that die from road crashes each year and more than half is caused by 15 to 44-year olds. 

Fred’s East Main Automotive Owner, Larry Fritz, says if you’re driving any vehicle and there’s any mechanical signs such as “ a check engine light on the dash, or the ABS light, or the traction control light, or the red brake warning light is on the dash these are all indicators that something is wrong and something has to be done to correct this.”

Human errors is the most common cause of road accidents, but Fritz also explains that others are generated by mechanical issues.

“If you’re driving the same vehicle or that’s been driven for a long time with all these lights on and nobody’s paying attention to it. That could be a very unsafe vehicle to drive” says Fritz. 

According to the Consumer Reports article, “self-driving cars…could significantly reduce traffic deaths,” and many officials are working on ways to eliminate these errors to reduce the death rate at which people die or being injured due to these crashes. 

Shaquiena Davis is a TV2 correspondent. Contact her at [email protected].