Downtown Kent renovations bring change to local businesses


Downtown Kent renovations brings change to local businesses

Shaquiena Davis

Local businesses believe that downtown Kent has brought much change over the years with the help of new renovations. Though some businesses are closing, the area will be expecting new businesses in place of previous buildings.

One in which is Rise and Shine Cafe, and taking its place will be a new breakfast and lunch restaurant to be named Over Easy. The Owners’ of the cafe says their last day will be April 28, 2019, and will be releasing a statement which will explain their retirement and more. 

Other businesses such as Frescoes could face some competition with the launch of Barrio, a new taco restaurant that will be joining the downtown scenery. With these new renovations, current businesses say they’re pleased with the amount of traffic entering the area.

City Bank Antiques Owner, Karen Barrett says, “there are more people coming downtown in all times, not just after 9pm in the evening.” Barrett also goes on to says that it’s even exciting for her to see Kent students coming in, especially since she says you’d rarely see them years ago.

Doug Gent manager of Guys Pizza Co. says, “the town wouldn’t be here without the students, or it would be much much smaller.”

Rush’s front desk coordinator, Josh Hoffman says, “we have a healthy balance between students and residents.”

“Generally, it’s been an improvement yes, not only in the physical makeup of the buildings in that, but there’s pedestrian traffic which was pretty rare,” says Barrett. 

Shaquiena Davis is a TV2 correspondent and can be contacted at [email protected]