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REACTION: ‘The Bachelor’ Week Six

Canva illustration by Kelsie Horner.

As relationships strengthened and feelings deepened, Joey and the ladies traveled to Jasper, Canada, for an emotional Week Six of “The Bachelor.” So, Bachelor nation, let’s find out who’s headed to hometowns.

A day with Daisy

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Daisy was picked for the first one-on-one date of the episode, where she and Joey spent the day horseback riding through the trails of Jasper. The romantic date was filled with beautiful scenery, and ended with a steamy trip to the hot tub.

At the dinner date, Daisy expressed that she wasn’t quite in love with Joey yet, but she can see herself eventually falling. I found this move to be honest and refreshing, as she didn’t take the route every other girl chose of claiming to already be in love.

Joey and her discussed their relationship potential, and Joey gave her a rose with the intention of being introduced to her family next week. 

If Daisy does not win a ring from Joey, I could see her being the Bachelorette. She’s the whole package. 

An in-tree-guing group date

With it being Week Six, group dates are only getting smaller and more awkward. 

For this date, Joey, Maria, Rachel, Jenn and Kelsey T headed out into the woods to find their inner “lumberjack”, or in this case, “lumberjill.” 

The girls participated in a series of lumberjack challenges, consisting of a log roll, a lop flip, a single buck cut and drinking a cup of elk milk. Kelsey T. left as the champion of the challenge. Go team Kelsey.

Some girls went all out with the competition, as Rachel confessed she is lactose intolerant but still put that elk milk down.

Maria, on the other hand, was clearly not a fan. As she stated in the episode, “I don’t camp, I glamp.” Either way, she still rocked the flannel. 

After the group date, Maria expressed to Joey her fears that she isn’t cut out for the show anymore and that she was struggling to see Joey with other women. She wants to be able to call Joey hers when/if she introduces him to her family.

She made reference to leaving Joey and the show, but ultimately decided to stay.

Joey is clearly invested in Maria, but her hesitation to stay only made him more insecure. At the end of the night, Joey does something we haven’t seen yet this season, and didn’t give out a group date rose.

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A ‘cool’ date with Kelsey A.

Kelsey A. was next up for a one-on-one with the bachelor, as the pair spent the day exploring Jasper.

The couple went shopping, drank some hot cocoa and played pool while showing some intense chemistry and conversation.

After some convincing from a local couple, Kelsey A. and Joey participated in the Jasper Polar Plunge Palooza. They changed into their bathing suits and headed into the freezing water, where Kelsey A. took it like a champ (the Kelsey’s are really killin’ it this week).

After a trip to the sauna and a cute conversation at dinner, Kelsey A. earned herself a rose, and Joey earned the chance to meet her family next week.

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Who’s headed to hometowns?

After canceling the cocktail party and shocking the ladies, Joey began the rose ceremony by asking Maria for a chance to talk.

In conversation, Maria reassured Joey that she is here to stay, and the rose ceremony began.

Jenn and Kelsey T. were sent home, which I suspected to happen.

Headed into next week’s episode, we will watch as Joey meets the families of Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, Rachel Nance and Maria Georgas.

Kelsie Horner is assistant managing editor. Contact her at [email protected].

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