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‘It cannot be flickering, it needs to be a fire’: Women’s History Month begins

Matthew Brown
The Williamson House is located at the corner of Main Street and Midway Drive on campus.

Every year, the month of March is designated to honor women’s contributions throughout history, and it also recognizes those working hard to create a more equitable future, known as Women’s History Month.

This year the Women’s Center is putting on a range of events to follow the theme of, “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.” 

Sonia Karkare, program coordinator at the Women’s Center, recognizes the month as a time to amplify the fight for gender equity.

“Part of going all out in the month of March is to give voices to the easily forgotten,” Karkare said. “I honestly think we don’t need to have a month, we should have every day as women’s day.” 

International Women’s Day is March 8, a day to celebrate the women’s rights movement globally. This year, the Women’s Center is holding a panel discussion, student gallery and service project. 

The panel will include women from India, Cambodia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Jordan and Mexico.

“International Women’s Day being part of Women’s History Month is something that enables us to understand our circumstances and those of others,” Karkare said. 

Karkare said the population of female or female-identifying people on campus is 62%, yet they are not part of the dominant culture. She believes the month is a way to highlight this. 

“The struggles of gender equity, especially as it focuses on women, cannot be a forgotten fight,”  Karkare said. “Anyone that is celebrating Women’s History Month is part of this movement, it cannot be flickering, it needs to be a fire.”

To celebrate the women who have been working hard towards inclusion, equity and diversity, the Gender Equality Advocacy and Representation Awards (G.E.A.R) will be held March 19. 

“This is in celebration of all those people who relentlessly have been chipping away at moving the gears for gender equity,” Karkare said.  

Women’s History Month is a time for everyone to get involved in the fight for women. Karkare said it’s not just about women taking action; it’s about the people who have women in their lives, or support them, taking action as well.

She also said for the first time in history, five generations of women are working together to fight for their rights. 

“If you have women representing all of these five generations, all of us have had the same issues,” Karkare said. “Five generations, how is that justifiable?” 

The events taking place throughout the month are not only designed to recognize the achievements of women, but to make everyone understand that the conversation needs to continue happening, Karkare said. 

“We want people to continue to be aware and open and be enriched by awareness,” Karkare said.  “I keep using the word awareness because you can’t forget, you can’t forget, you can’t forget.” 

Savana Capp is Print Planner. Contact her at [email protected].

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