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REACTION: ‘The Bachelor’ Week 9: The women tell all

Canva illustration by Kelsie Horner

Welcome back to another episode recap of “The Bachelor”. This week, viewers tuned in for “The Women Tell All,” a reunion with the contestants from this season as they gathered together to talk about the past week’s most talked-about events.

The episode began with an introduction of all the girls from host Jesse Palmer and a recap of the most drama-filled moments from the season. So, Bachelor Nation, here is a recap of the most important moments from this week’s show.

Coming up first in the conversation was Lea, the account manager from Hawaii. Palmer asked the girls who all would have kept the card she received in episode one (granting her the power to steal a one-on-one date). 

Many raised their hands, and the attack went to Lea as they confronted the way she spoke about other girls throughout the season.

Seeing the girl who claimed to be a “girl’s girl” get called out was satisfying, to say the least.

Lauren, the registered nurse from Philadelphia, reveals that she was the one who told Lea to “shut the **** up”. The accusation was initially placed on Maria, so seeing this revealed was certainly assuring for team Maria. Lea couldn’t handle the heat and left the stage in tears. 

When she re-entered the stage, Maria greeted her with a hug, earning a round of applause. 

Next up is Madina, addressing the drama with her age insecurities and Maria’s words about it. Madina expressed her feelings about being put in the middle of the drama, and Sydney took some shots for her ill will for Maria. It’s hard to keep up, I know.

Needless to say, the ladies came to Maria’s side consistently during this episode, and I loved every second of it.

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Welcome to the ‘hot seat’

Lexi, the stunning 30-year-old digital strategist from Atlanta, Georgia, was the first girl invited into the hot seat. Palmer and she discussed her unexpected leaving after Joey’s timeline didn’t align with hers in regards to having children, especially with her endometriosis diagnosis.

Lexi got emotional revealing all the support she received from Bachelor Nation, and “Golden Bachelor” season one star Susan Noles expressed her respect for Lexi’s strength.

Jenn, the 25-year-old physician assistant student from Miami, Florida,  was brought into the seat next. Jenn was, in my opinion, an amazing girl and could make a great Bachelorette. She described her relationship with her family and where it stands now, and revealed she has a new sense of hope in finding her person. 

Attention then shifted to the one and only Maria. Maria discussed how she felt about Joey looking back now, and expressed gratitude for her experience. 

They addressed Sydney’s negative feelings towards Maria, and Sydney bounced back with a sincere apology. Maria also discussed her concern with the hate Sydney received after the show, and Lea also expressed her apologies. Maria, Sydney and Lea ended the session with a hug, and all is well. 

Halfway through the show, fans got to watch from where last week’s episode left off, with Kelsey asking Joey “to talk.” The “talk” was overhyped and Joey got worked up for nothing, as Kelsey just communicated to Joey that she misses him when they aren’t together. Girl, everyone knows that “we need to talk” causes anxiety. 

As a reminder, the three girls left are Kelsey, Daisy and Rachel – until now, when it was revealed that Rachel was the next girl to get sent home.

Joey and Rachel joined the show, and they expressed how grateful they are for each other. Rachel also revealed the negative messages she received from fans, and Palmer discussed the rise in hateful messages on social media, asking fans to be respectful and stop the hate.

Daisy, Kelsey or nobody?

The talk show ended on a happy note, with bloopers, impressions and laughs. And… a sneak peek of next week’s episode.

So Bachelor nation, tune in for the finale on ABC at 8 p.m. next Monday to see if Joey finds his true love with Daisy or Kelsey. And yes, the Kelsie/Kelsey namesake is still going strong. 

Kelsie Horner is assistant managing editor. Contact her at [email protected].

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