Portage County residents graduate from H.O.P.E. drug program


Portage County Common Pleas Judge Becky Doherty poses for a photo with H.O.P.E. graduates. 

Shaquiena Davis

H.O.P.E, a program meant to help drug addicts recover as part of Judge Becky Doherty of Portage County Common Pleas drug court.

Doherty says, “I saw the need for it, I saw the capability of these kids to live a normal life, and to live a sober life.”

The program is intended to help drug addicts break their addiction by providing them with various resources to guide them.

“We have the capacity for up to thirty. It always differs in any given time cause some graduate and move on and we still have some active ones,” says Doherty.

Doherty mentions that the participants are able to effectively utilize probation and the court in a way that helps them succeed, regain sobriety, and attend to their responsibilities.

“What we get to see through this program meaning the team, we see them mature, we see them through sobriety grow and become and see the things in their lives become more important,” says Judge Doherty.

Probation Officer, Deena Tannert says, “When I got into probation, I wanted to be a person who was more of a cheerleader for people who ended up in the system and on probation.”

According to the graduates, Help Opportunity and Progress through Education has helped them tremendously in getting their lives back.

Graduate Christopher Morris says, “I’ve got a great life now.”

Former graduate, Jennifer Kisner says, “A lot of things H.O.P.E court gave me I never thought I could get back.”

“If you enter this program and commit to recovery that’s what you can do in the future and get your life back,” says Doherty.

Shaquiena Davis is a TV2 correspondent. Contact Shaquiena at [email protected]