WOMENS mother/daughter



Lauren Sasala

Walking to class with her daughter is something Carrie Hahn didn’t imagine she would do.

Hahn started school at Kent State in 1984 and took classes for six years but financial and family issues ultimately caused Hahn to leave. Now, more than 30 years later, Hahn is spending a final semester on campus with her daughter, Ally Hahn, a junior marketing major.

“I always thought I’d go back but I didn’t think it’d be 30 years,” Carrie Hahn said.

At first, Ally said she was nervous about having her mom on campus, but said it’s been a good experience—especially when her mom brings her groceries.

The pair try to see each other every Tuesday and Thursday, the only days they are on campus together.

“I’m very proud of her,” Ally said.

Carrie said she enjoys school and learning, so finishing her degree is important to her.

“I know there’s probably other women out there who maybe didn’t finish school because they started families or something,” Carrie said. “I would just say not to give up that dream or that plan … there’s lots of ways to get back if you want to further an academic degree of some kind and further yourself.”

Carrie is set to graduate in May with a degree in integrated studies.

After graduation, Carrie said she is thinking about attending law school to further her education even more.