USG Camya Smith

USG Camya Smith

USG Camya Smith

Sydney Purtee

Camya Smith

Candidate for Director of Programming

What is your platform?

“Provide programming with premiere entertainment, thought-expanding forums and events and increase engagement within the body. I will create events other universities will wish they had!”

Why should people vote for you?

“Firstly, I will not create events aligned with myself or the appointed cabinet interest(s). I will be an extended resource to Students and University staff. Government is a representation of the student body, so I will make their voice and demands heard first! I will listen to students’ wants in regards to events for a more active campus involvement and retention. Create a safe space for students on every spectrum (everyone’s voice will be represented and protected). I have experience in programming for an off-campus nonprofit organization, an off-campus political organization and a pre-health/pre-med campus organization. Needless to say, I am very prepared for the role.”

What changes are you looking to enact?

“I want to create a Spring Concert to promote a stronger academic engagement and to create a stronger, open and honest communication amongst the appointed programming cabinet.”