Live at the Library: Global Music with Kent State Stark canceled on July 8


Photo Courtesy of North Canton Library Twitter.

Sam Wright Reporter

The Kent State Stark event, Live at the Library: Global Music with the North Canton Library, has been canceled due to weather conditions. 

The event was originally planned to take place on July 8 with global music and different foods from Sol restaurant.  

Sarah Schmidt, assistant director for Global Education Initiatives at Kent State Stark, explained she created the event with Christina Weyrick, community relations manager at the North Canton Library, to highlight the experience of immigrant families. 

“The event will provide a space to try food and interact with people who have settled here from different parts of the world,” Schmidt said.

She explained that the North Canton Library has wanted to highlight the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

“The underline purpose is to raise awareness about issues around global diversity and having a space for learning and exposure to diverse backgrounds,” she said. 

The North Canton Library tweeted, “Unfortunately, we are canceling this event. Weather is not looking good for tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding!” 

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