“Ripple of Sound” waves through The Outpost

Allyson Nichols

Musicians and artists came together at an event thrown by two Kent State students on Saturday called “Ripple of Sound,” held at The Outpost in Kent.

The event, put together by senior public relations major, Maddy Crandall and senior advertising major, Julie Jones, showcased the music and artwork from local artists and musicians and allowed the two students to have one last hoorah before their graduations in May.

The event contained different art forms, including flow art and live painting. Crandall and Jones wanted to be able to create an event that helped local artists to get their work out into the community.

“I see these people all the time that are trying to showcase their work and are doing art installations and are just trying to sell their work,” Crandall said. “The meaning to me behind it is giving these people a platform and a chance to sell and showcase their work.”

Crandall described the event as “showcase, talent and community,” and believes the name, “Ripple of Sound,” represents how the showcase brings creativity to the community.

“The ripple is the flow of all of these badass artists going out into the community and rippling their talent throughout the community,” Crandall said. “We definitely have a psychedelic type of group for the night, so ‘ripple’ and the graphic design elements intertwine it together.”

Jones felt the event was more significant than the average art showcase.

“As the night went on, you could see how it became everyone’s show,” Jones said. “The crowd was so engaged and mesmerized by the talent. It was all really inclusive and just a lot of fun!”

One flow artist, Allison Factor, a junior special education major, found that flow art has helped her to overcome many personal anxieties and fears. And brought her a joy that she was excited to share with an audience for the first time.

Factor had been interested in flow art since seeing a performance in the summer of 2017. In August of 2018, she received a hula hoop as a gift and began practicing shortly after by taking it with her to other events at The Outpost she had attended.

Throughout the night, Factor used her hula hoop to create different patterns and movement to entertain the audience to the music. Flow art such as this has often been used as a form of meditation, stress relief and expression.

“Flowing has helped me overcome my fear of trying something new in front of an audience,” Factor said. “It has helped me to understand that who I am is perfect and my flow is only for me, not for anyone else.”

Another artist at the event was Maddy Fritz, a junior art education major. Fritz did live painting throughout the night and though she found that painting in a concert setting, with a larger crowd and darker lighting, was somewhat of an obstacle she enjoyed the atmosphere the event provided.

“The atmosphere is what I enjoy most about performing my art,” Fritz said. “It’s very freeing and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to share my passion. I hope my art will resonate with everyone.”

When looking for a place to hold their event, Crandall and Jones found The Outpost to be a great venue.

“This is a community-based event, so The Outpost seemed perfect,” Crandall said. “They really wanted us to push to the Kent State community that they are under new management and they’re trying to develop in different genres and create new brand partnerships and brand awareness throughout the Kent State and Kent community.”

Proceeds from the event went to all of the artists, musicians and vendors who partook in the event.

“The fact that all ticket sales are going to the talent means a lot to me,” Crandall said. “Whatever money they get from the door sales, hopefully that helps them out, so that they can continue to propel their careers.”

Allyson Nichols is a Music, Theatre and Dance reporter. You can email her at [email protected]