USG Tiera Moore


USG Tiera Moore

Sydney Purtee

Tiera Moore

Candidate for Director of Governmental Affairs

What is your platform?

“I believe that all students at Kent State should be informed about what is happening at their university. It is vital that the Undergraduate Student Government communicates effectively with the student body so that the actions of USG represent the interests of all students. I think that the voices of every student should be heard when matters that directly affect them are being addressed. When students are informed, they are then able to be a part of the change at Kent State University. I believe that implementing legislation that will positively affect students is especially important when creating change at our university. Students should know about legislation implemented at Kent State because it affects many aspects of their academic lives.”

Why should people vote for you?

“Kent State students should vote for me to create positive change on our campus. Change can only happen if we, as students of Kent State University, work together to implement it. I will make sure that my voice reflects the wishes of every student at Kent State University if I am voted onto Undergraduate Student Government, and for this reason, I believe that Kent State students should vote for me.”

What changes are you looking to enact?

“As Director of Governmental Affairs, I am looking to enact changes to improve Undergraduate Student Government’s communications with Kent State students through increased outreach. I also plan to lobby for legislation that will positively affect students at Kent State by actively working with KSU representatives, government officials and other colleges. Another change that I want to enact is to keep all students informed about legislation implemented at Kent State University through increased publicity.”