Vala Zeinali USG

Sara Crawford

Vala Zeinali – Student Body President

Q: What is your platform and why should people vote for you?

A: “As your student body president, I will use my background in computer science and mathematics to apply quantitative reasoning to our student government operations. Numbers don’t lie and I want to hear what YOU want from YOUR student government.

My first initiative begins with collecting data from YOU. I plan on collecting your opinions through a software I am developing which helps us gather the student voice, and therefore make meaningful change for our university.

Secondly, I believe that our beautifully diverse university should be represented equally within our student government. Kent State University is a population, Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is a sample of said population. In order for our USG to properly represent our undergraduate students, we, USG, must embody our student body. Outreach to diverse student groups will be paramount for a well-represented student government.

Lastly, I want to make sure that USG’s funding impacts the most amount of undergraduate students, while also empowering marginalized populations. As current Director of Business and Finance, I have learned to handle a large budget and I want to carry over my fiscally responsible character to this position. The plan is to make the most amount of impact with the least amount of cost. A vote for Vala is a vote for YOU. It’s EZ vote VZ!”