USG Kaelee Dingey


USG Kaelee DIngey

Sydney Purtee

Kaelee Dingey

Candidate for Director of Student Involvement

What is your platform?

“My goals are to increase the involvement on Kent’s campus, improve the communication between the university and student organizations and make this a safer environment for those who choose to be involved as well as those who do not. Student involvement is not only an addition to your experience here at Kent State, but is a gateway to connections for your post-graduate life. I want to achieve higher involvement rates from our first year students because it is proven that there is a positive psychosocial effect, allowing students to have a happier and healthier adjustment to college. Boosting these involvement rates would also allow students to achieve the experience and connections that help for post-graduate endeavours. I want to foster a welcoming and diverse environment for students to get involved in, so that they can maximize their Kent State experience. I would also like to mainstream the communication between USG and student organizations, so that they can voice their opinions. While Kent State is ranked among the safest campuses in the nation, I do feel that with more education on subjects such as physical and mental abuse, we can improve our campus further. I will work to implement the things that you all want to see changed on our campus. I want to work for what you—the students—want!”

Why should people vote for you?

“People should vote for me because of my passion for Kent State. Ever since I stepped foot on this campus I have been inspired to help bolster our community as a whole and share in the pride of being a Kent State student.”

What changes are you looking to enact?

“I would like to incorporate Green Dot education and training into student organization events, arrange frequent meetings with student organization leaders to encourage communication and create an online form system for student organizations to submit ideas/complaints/suggestions that I can work on for them. I would like to encourage diversity within some of our long-standing student organizations that have grown away from this through incentives in order to provide a comfortable environment for ALL students to get involved in and introduce more professional opportunities for student organizations to connect their students with.”