FAKE PADDY’S -David vignette

David Williams

Around 1:00 p.m. the lines outside Water Street Tavern and Ray’s Place began to stretch out the door and down the street. Shouts and laughter could be heard echoing through the alley connecting Water Street and Erie Street, from which both lines could be seen getting longer. Some Kent residents were walking their pets around the block when they caught the attention of some waiting bar patrons. Among these pooches were Jill and Tommy, both sporting green and both about as happy to see the patrons as the patrons were to see them.

“Yeah, Jilly gets pretty excited with all the people down here,” Jill’s owner said, “She’s already out of breath.”

Outside Zephyr Pub, a man named Steve was discussing the latest Cleveland Browns developments. Steve was happy to pose for a photo with his kilt and greet people as they passed by. When asked if he was enjoying this years Fake Paddy’s Day, Steve said, “Oh absolutely, I’m all in. Plus I get to break out the kilt.”