About USG

Sara Crawford

The elections are approaching for Kent State students to have an opportunity to vote for the next officers of the Undergraduate Student Government.

According to USG’s website, it was established in 1924 on the university’s main campus. Since then, USG has served as the representation of the entire student body at Kent State and the liaison between the students and the universities.

“Undergraduate Student Government is the representative body of undergraduate students here at Kent,” said Kevin Cline, the President Election Commissioner. “Basically we represent the students’ voice to the administration and external bodies like we can lobby for students to local and federal government. And then we fund programs and allocate money to student organizations.”

The way USG gets its funding is through the student activity fee. With it, they provide programming for the students, such as Flashfest and TedX. They also allocate the money through the allocations committee to allow for student organizations and individuals to host programs and travel to events and conferences outside of the university, Cline said.

USG represents students to the school’s administration for possible policy changes that students believe are an issue. USG also represents students at a local, state and federal government level when it comes to possible law changes that could affect the student body.

Each spring semester, students elect 25 officials to serve a one-year term in USG. These officials include the Student Body President, eight directors and 16 senators.

In order to become an official candidate to run for a position, students have to collect 226 undergraduate petition signatures. 

Every USG also has a “write-in” option, where any student can campaign for a position. They, however, do not appear on the ballot and can’t participate in any USG-organized events. 

“It’s important for students to vote because they need to have a voice in representation,” Cline said. “This is the only body on campus for undergraduates to elect the people that control a portion of their tuition. It’s also the only way that they can have a voice in the governance of the university.”

Students can submit their votes on Flashline March 12 and March 13 from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

KentWired reached out to all the candidates running for USG directors and senators. All the directors who responded are in the March 11th edition of the  Stater.

Sara Crawford covers student politics. Contact her at [email protected].